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Baby bronchitis should pay attention to the correct daily care to help recover

Bronchitis is a severe respiratory disease that seriously endangers baby’s health. Usually, it is caused by low immunity and abnormal bronchial development. For babies with bronchitis, daily care is important for recovery, and parents must pay attention to it.

Factors that cause baby bronchitis

1. abnormal bronchial development

Babies with abnormal tracheal development are actually more common, such as bronch stenosis, tracheal softening, and so on. For example, some babies are tracheal stenosis. At this time, the trachea is slightly inflamed, and the secretions formed are prone to block the trachea. As soon as the trachea is blocked, the baby must cough, breathe, and sputum. At this time, parents don’t have to worry about it, some babies are good.

2. Low immunity

Many babies are caused by low immunity. For example, some babies have the defects of immunity. The tonsils do not have the ability to block the pathogen. The harmful germs are driven straight into the trachea and lungs. The baby is prone to recurrent pneumonia or bronchitis.

3, trachea foreign body

Parents sometimes feed baby peanut kernels and walnut kernels. The baby coughs at the time after eating. But after a while, the baby didn’t cough, and the parents thought it was okay. In fact, the baby may eat these foods in the trachea. After a few days, I started coughing and even fever.

How to prevent baby bronchitis?

1. Keep warm

Parents should add clothes to the baby in time with the temperature change, especially when they sleep, to cover the baby to avoid changes in temperature, especially the cold stimulation to reduce the local resistance of the bronchial mucosa and increase the baby’s condition.

2. Remain

If the body temperature is below 38.5 degrees Celsius, there is generally no need to give fever medicine. It is mainly treated with the cause and solve the problem fundamentally. If the body temperature is high, the larger children can be physical to cool down, that is, use a cold towel head to wet or take a bath with warm water. However, children should not use this method, and drugs need to be used to cool down.

3. Turn over and pat your back

When the baby coughs and sputum, it indicates that the bronchial endocrine increases. In order to promote the smooth discharge of the secretion, it can be used to help expectorant with atomized inhalation agent. If it is an infant, in addition to shooting the back, it should also help turning over and once every 1-2 hours, so that the baby keeps the half -bedroom position, which is good for sputum excretion.

4, fed more water

The onset of bronchitis can be slow and urgent. Most of them have symptoms of upper sensation. Coughing is the main manifestation. It begins to be dry cough. Wen Kaishui can help your baby relieve cough and reduce phlegm, so parents can feed the baby to drink more warm water.

5. Nutrition

Babies consume greater nutrients during bronchitis, coupled with fever and bacterial toxins affect gastrointestinal function, and poor digestion and absorption. In this regard, parents should adopt a small amount of meals to give a semi -liquid or liquid diet that is light, nutrition, and balanced and absorbed, such as porridge, cooked noodles, egg custard, fresh vegetables, fruit juice, etc.

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