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Baby painting experience hand sports

When a baby around 1 year old picked up the brush, he also controlled the strength of poor hands. He often could only draw some lines, but the baby would appear these lines when he saw his hands. He would be greatly excited, surprised, and cheerful. Therefore, 1 -year -old baby is not so much painting, it is better to experience the traces of hand exercise.

The 2 -year -old baby can find “feeling” when painting. He will name his “masterpiece”, and he can explain what he draws can start with his own imagination, but the explanation often changes. The rich baby, the more you can compare a circle to various things, so please do not say to the baby, “Why is this mother, mothers are not like this!”

The 3 -year -old baby changes from casually to intentional paint. You can’t teach your baby’s shape. Do not let your baby’s face, cars, and dolls, and you should listen to the baby’s content of many circles and line painting.

Educational reminder

● He gave him a small brush at the age of 1 to make him graffiti. In this way, at the age of 3, the baby can draw some simple and childlike paintings.

● Don’t expect your baby to draw a picture you can understand. The baby’s painting is different from the adult painting. The baby uses painting to speak. Looking at the baby’s paintings, it is not to see what he draws, but to “listen” what his paintings express. Don’t say “messy paintings!” Similar words.

● Parents who are good at painting love their babies, but this will affect the baby’s own creativity. At the same time, it makes him dare not draw strokes and always want to see your painting. If parents want to demonstrate, please make your painting as close to his current level.

● Appreciate and encourage your baby to be appropriate. If you are well drawn, you should say what is good. Don’t always say, “You are awesome!” “You do it!”

● The baby’s imagination may not be in line with the logic of adults. For example, the baby will paint the sun to black. Do not criticize him and deny him. He must respect the baby’s imagination and creation and encourage him.

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● The baby is full of materials around the baby. Newspaper, blackboard, wall surface, packaging box, and sand can be painted. Hands, cotton swabs, stones, branches, and brushes can be used as brushes.

(Intern editor: Lei Yuxuan)

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