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Baby sleeping can prevent sudden death syndrome

On the Internet, we often see the baby’s cute sleeping position, or lying or leaning, so that some young parents often have such a misunderstanding: how can babies sleep. There are also some parents who have a good head shape in the future, and artificially let the baby sleep alternately. In fact, the baby’s sleeping position not only affects the future head shape, but also the improper sleeping position may also cause sudden baby death syndrome (SIDS).

SIDS mostly occurs in babies within one year old

Sudden death syndrome, also known as “cradle death”, is a common cause of death of newborns. Babies who have occurred in SIDS died in sleep or quiet, and many babies had no symptoms before their death.

SIDS is more common in babies within one year old, 90%of them occur in babies within 6 months, and the chance of SIDS after 8 months of infants is very small. Therefore, before the child is one year old, parents must be alert to the risk of SIDS.

At present, the incentives of SIDS are not clear. The medical community believes that it is mainly related to congenital factors, key growth periods, and external pressure. Conditional and key growth period of cardiopulmonary function is still hindered by the breathing of the baby’s sleep. If you add external pressure at this time (such as sleeping on your stomach and the quilt too tight), it is likely to cause SIDS.

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(Newborn babies are lying on their stomach and suffocate)

The American Society of Pediatrics recommends that babies should sleep on your back

Babies under one year of age, sleeping or sleeping sideways are the factors that cause SIDS. Studies have shown that the chances of baby sleeping on their stomachs are 2-13 times that of sleeping, and sideways will compress the stomach, and this posture can easily become lying sleep. In addition to SIDS, sleeping on your stomach is also easy to cause hyper carbon dioxia and hypoxia, and it may also affect the autonomous regulation mechanism of newborn cardiovascular system.

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggested that a 0-12-month-old baby should always sleep in a supine posture. The supineness is harmless to the development of the baby. It is conducive to the relaxation of the muscles, and it will not cause the internal organs to be pressured, so that the internal organs can move when the burden is smaller. However, when playing during the day, babies need to maintain a creeping posture to promote the development of neurotomes.

In addition to sleeping, bedding is also important

Sleeping position on supine can prevent SIDS. In addition, the safety of baby bedding is also one of the causes of SIDS. Parents must pay attention to when setting a crib:

1. The mattresses and bedding should not be too soft, and the bedding should not be too high to avoid covering the baby;

2. Do not place soft items that can cause suffocation, such as plush toys, pillows, etc.;

3. Avoid the temperature of the sleep environment too high. Do not wrap too much clothing when you sleep. The heat will also affect the breathing of the baby;

4. Parents need to sleep in the same room with their babies. Parents have countless cases of pressing the baby to death during their sleep.

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