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Baby Summer Four Healthy Dishes

Tongma Kitchen

Summer dish 1: Cucumber eggs cool noodles

Ingredients: noodles, cucumbers, eggs

Sales: salt, vinegar, peppercorns, olive oil

Method: 1. Spring the eggs, fry the pot in the pot, and dry it;

2. Shred cucumber, add a little egg, vinegar, and salt;

3. Pour the appropriate amount of olive oil in the pot. After the oil heat is put into the peppercorns to cook the incense, poured out the oil out of the cucumber and stir well as a side dish;

4. Cook the noodles and overwrite cold water. Add the side dishes and eat it.

Summer dishes 2: Fruit Yogurt Salad

Ingredients: watermelon, peach, orange, dragon fruit, tomato, lemon, yogurt

Sales: salt, white sugar

Practice: 1. Take a piece of lemon and chop it, add a little sugar and salt;

2. Cut the seasonal fruits, the size depends on the baby’s deciduous teeth;

3. Add yogurt and lemon seasoning to the fruit diced, mix well.

Summer dishes three: shrimp pudding

Ingredients: shrimp, eggs, milk

Sales: Salt

Practice: 1. The shrimp is crushed with a knife and spare;

2. Spring eggs, add milk at a ratio of 1: 2, stir well;

3. Put the shrimp into the milk egg liquid, stir with a little salt, and steam for about 15 minutes in the pan to eat.

Summer dishes four: Fire Dragon Fruit Coconut Coconut Sashimi

Ingredients: dragon fruit, sago, coconut juice

Practice: 1. Add water to the sago in the pot, stir while cooking, and drain the water after the sago becomes transparent;

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2. Add coconut juice to Simi to boil;

3. Cut the dragon fruit, pour in the coconut juice west dew, and let it dry and eat.

(Editor in charge: Zhao Yuanyuan Intern editor: Li Lingfeng)

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