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Bad parents with influenza high season?Zhujiang Hospital pushed 2 new prescription prescriptions to help children protect their vitality

At the end of autumn, the supplementation of the past, taking the creamy side had become one of the important methods of preventing and controlling chronic diseases and preventing sub -health. On the morning of November 6th, the Fourth Paste Founded Festival and Permanent Clinic of Pearl River Hospital, the theme of “Nourishing the Best Guarantee, Promoting Health”, was held at the Pediatric Plaza of the Pediatric Building of the Pearl River Hospital. The hospital launched eighteen “Agreement P China”. Many experts in the Chinese Medicine Department were on -site free clinics to treat the pulse diagnosis for the citizens. The purpose of removing illness.

The fourth cream festival and creamy clinic activity scene of the 4th ointment of Pearl River Hospital

The free cream -free registered fee at the free clinic site, some creamy samples for free, as well as free physical identification for children, carry out health guidance, and experience children’s ear acupoint pressure beans, pupa needles, acupoint stickers, etc. Take the child to participate.

A mother takes the child to experience the child’s ear acupoint pressing beans and acupuncture applied treatment

For this year’s climate characteristics, two new prescriptions are added

Since 2017, the Pearl River Hospital of Southern Medical University has successfully held three “Pearl River Cream Formulas”. Among them, star creams such as “Said Sleeping Cream”, “Blood Bloody Chun Cream” and “Cough and Counterblastic Cream” are exactly effective. Focus on the general public.

This year’s festival continues to launch the fifteen previous “Pearl River Agreement Cream”: Sleeping cream, cough and asthma, nourishing kidney and strong bone cream, supporting blood cream, nourishing blood, nourishment, nourishing Heart palpitations, righteous anti -sensory cream; for tumor patients: Yiqi rising white paste, nourishing blood and nourishing marrow paste, strengthening spleen and stomach paste, nourishing yin and moisturizing cream, dispersing pain relief and rectangular cream; Ointment, pediatric nourishing pulmonary ointment, pediatric rhinitis paste.

According to this year’s climatic characteristics, for women’s postpartum body deficiency and the needs of common diseases of children, Zhujiang Hospital added three new protocol creams in 2021, including postpartum conditioning cream, children’s correction anti -sensing cream, and children’s kidney nourishing cream. These centers are provided by Professor Liang Donghui, director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Zhujiang Hospital.

Professor Liang Donghui, director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Zhujiang Hospital, was in the free consultation and asked the citizens to consult the pulse.

“The renal creamy prescription is mainly aimed at some patients with kidney disease. It is particularly easy to relapse during hormone maintenance and drug reduction stage. Especially for pediatric nephropathy syndrome often recur, so in response to the needs of pediatric kidney disease experts, we added this cream. “Professor Liang Donghui, director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Zhujiang Hospital, introduced that no children with nephrodiacats need to eat kidney cream. This kind of cure is not exactly simply nourishing agent and needs to be treated for dialectical treatment of the disease and patient’s physique.

Pediatric kidney cream is based on Liuwei Dihuang Pills. It has added some drugs that nourish kidney and blood circulation. It has the effects of nourishing kidney and blood circulation, spleen and dampness, and is mainly suitable for spleen and kidney qi deficiency and wet blood stasis. She believes that the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine can make up for the lack of western medicine treatment, especially patients with hormone -dependent patients. As soon as hormone reduces or stops the medicine, it will relapse. With the auxiliary treatment of Chinese medicine, it can reduce recurrence and can reduce recurrence. , Maintain the condition for a longer time.

In the autumn and winter seasons, colds and influenza have entered a high incidence period. Recently, many children have been “stared” by flu. Once the child’s right -to -anti -sensing cream was unveiled, it immediately attracted the interest of many parents. This one is re -developed based on the characteristics of the child based on the characteristics of the adult. Child. The previous existing pediatric nourishing pulp ointment is mainly for children who have always coughing and asthma, such as children with asthma, children with cough -based children, and Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation is mainly lung qi deficiency.

Pediatric cream prescriptions focus on replenishment, and the medication is peaceful

The pediatric cream focuses on the tonic, that is, one side, one side to make up. In addition, the prescription of the pediatric cream pays attention to the peaceful medication, supplement the deficiency and correction, and treats the middle and supplements.

What is the difference between children taking cream and adults? Liang Donghui said that the general therapeutic ointment has the effect of righteousness and evil, but if the child happens to have an external sense, stagnation, and acute gastroenteritis, it is not suitable for taking it. “The easiest thing is to judge through the child’s tongue coating. The tongue coating is thick and greasy, which means that the phlegm is very heavy. When there is stagnation and humidity, we must first condition the spleen and stomach, which is the” opening side “that we often call. Eating the creamy side also needs to find a Chinese doctor for dialectics before she can open the prescription. “She reminded her parents like this.

It is said that every autumn and winter seasons are a good season for eating cream, so can you not take the paste after autumn and winter? In this regard, Liang Donghui shook her head and denied. She explained: “There are many types of cream, the treatment of therapeutic cream is used all year round, and it is easier to absorb in autumn and winter. It is generally recommended to eat better in the autumn and winter seasons. Because the health principle of traditional Chinese medicine is to nourish the sun in spring and summer, nourish yin in autumn and winter, so eating some nourishing products in autumn and winter will be better in the coming year. “

(Correspondent: Wu Xiaodan Han Yurou Picture: 39 Health Photo)

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