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Baiji Shenzhou Suzhou Research Institute was established!Help build R & D, production to commercialized all ecosystems

On July 11, 2019, the unveiling ceremony of the Suzhou Research Institute of Baiji Shenzhou and the first transformation medical summit forum of Baiji Shenzhou “were held in Suzhou. As one of the theme links of the Suzhou Industrial Park Branch in 2019 (11th) in 2019 (11th), this event attracted more than 20 top scholars and authoritative experts in domestic biomedical basic research, transformation of medicine and clinical aspects. Essence

Baiji Shenzhou Suzhou Research Institute was established!Help build R & D, production to commercialized all ecosystems

In fact, as early as 2017, the first production base of Baiji Shenzhou was officially put into operation in Suzhou Industrial Park, and it took the important step in the entire industry value chain from laboratory to clinical, production, and sales. Two years later, with the unveiling of the Suzhou Research Institute of Baiji Shenzhou, Baiji Shenzhou is building a full ecosystem of R & D, production to commercialization in Suzhou.

According to 39 Health Network, the preliminary concept of the establishment of the Suzhou Research Institute of Baiji Shenzhou is to focus on establishing a transformation medical research center, a preparation research center, and a process research and development center. Among them, the Transformation Medical Research Center is mainly committed to carrying out target analysis, pre -clinical transformation research, clinical transformation research, biological information technology platform, and artificial intelligence drug design; Preparation Research Center is mainly committed to establishing a technical platform and carrier administration Research on technical platforms and pharmacokinetics; process research and development centers are mainly committed to the development of cell line development, the development of cell culture technology, the development of purified technology, and the development of experimental methods.

Academician Wang Xiaodong, the founder and chairman of the Scientific Consulting Committee of Baiji Shenzhou, said that the Suzhou Research Institute of Baiji Shenzhou is very willing to become a platform for the common exchanges of domestic biomedical research, transformation of medicine and clinical research to help domestic transformation of accelerated development and promote the results of basic research results Serves the clinic better and faster, benefit patients.

Dr. Wu Xiaobin, General Manager and President of Baiji Shenzhou China, said at the unveiling ceremony that with the continuous communication between basic theoretical research and clinical applications, the level of transformation of basic theory has also continuously improved. Among them, there are many things that innovative pharmaceutical companies can do, and there are many opportunities for innovation. For example, before the listing of drugs, with the scientific methods of strong basic theoretical research, to maximize the advantages of the rich clinical resources in my country, and carry out innovative clinical designs; after the listing of drugs, use real -world application practice to nurture basic theoretical research, explore research New ideas. Eventually accelerate the rapid access to medicines, so that patients can use good medicines as soon as possible and can afford good medicines, thereby improving the availability and burden of drugs.

“The establishment of the Institute will be related to all products that are about to be listed in Baiji Shenzhou. Any drug research and development must be verified by clinical verification and clinical experimental verification. In this process, the research institute will play an important role.” Dr. Wu Xiaobin Dr. Wu Xiaobin In an interview with 39 Health Network, not only for the products that have been listed, the research institute will also help the development of dozens of innovative drugs in the research and development pipeline in the later period of Baiji Shenzhou in the research process and production process.

It is worth noting that the unveiling of the Suzhou Research Institute of Baiji Shenzhou is another important milestone in the construction of the entire ecosystem of Baiji Shenzhou. Essence Baiji Shenzhou believes that transforming medicine is not only a bridge, but also a two -way lane. On the one hand, the results of basic theoretical research can be applied more quickly to the clinic; on the other hand Study and conduct better guidance.

Dr. Shen Zhirong, the head of the Baiji Shenzhou Transformation Medicine and Biomarkers, the head of the Suzhou Research Institute and Executive Director of the Baiji Shenzhou Research Institute. He pointed out that there are differences from the high incidence of tumors in China. Even the same tumor types are all different in molecular mechanisms and pathological types. For tumor research with Chinese characteristics behind the lag of western R & D, transformation of medicine provides us with a good one. Entrance.

“Only innovation can drive the development. The innovation that Baiji Shenzhou must do is innovation from 0 to 1. For the types of tumor types of China’s high incidence, more potentially first -class first -initiative and updated targets are found.” Dr. Shen Zhirong emphasized.

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