Bailu solar term learn two kinds of health soup

Bai Lu is the largest solar term of the day and night difference throughout the year. Generally, the temperature difference between day and night is 10 ~ 15 degrees Celsius. Before and after the white dew, the yin gradually worsened, and the dew in the morning became increasingly thickened, condensed into a layer of white water droplets, so it was called Bai Lu. Bai Lu’s solar terms are the beginning of the real cool season. Many people blindly emphasize the tonic of nutrients such as seafood meat when raising their bodies, and ignore seasonal vulnerable diseases, causing damage to themselves and their families, affecting learning. And work, so avoid the occurrence of nasal diseases, asthma, and bronchial diseases in Bailu solar terms.

Lotus seed lily pot

[Formula] 30 grams each of lotus seeds and lily, 200 grams of lean meat.

[Method] Soak the lotus seeds and lily in water for 30 minutes. The lean meat was washed and quiet, and it was left in a cold water cooker (simmering with water). Put the water in the pot again, put the lotus seeds, lilies, and lean meat into the pot together, and add water to cooked (you can season with some refined salt and monosodium glutamate).

[Efficacy] Clear lungs dry, cough and anti -inflammatory. Suitable for patients with chronic bronchitis.

Grapefruit chicken:

[Ingredients] Grapefruit (the best winter), one rooster, a moderate salt.

[Practice] The cocks are removed, the internal organs are washed, and the grapefruit peels the meat. Put the grapefruit into the belly of the chicken, then put it in the gas pot, steam it in the pan, and add refined salt to season when it is out of the pan.

[Efficacy] Nourishing the lungs and nourishing qi, reducing phlegm and relieving cough.

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