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Bald is also divided into gender. Men are easier than women. What are the treatment methods for hair loss?

The hairline and baldness of the hairline are things that everyone does not want to face, especially for middle -aged men. Middle -aged is cruel, and more cruel is middle -aged bald than middle age. Although there are differences between men and women, it does not mean that women do not have a crisis of baldness, but relatively speaking, men are easier to bald than women. A study in Denmark pointed out that the proportion of men and women’s baldness has reached an amazing 6: 1. Why is this? Intersection

This may be related to hormones

Men’s hormones may inhibit the growth of hair, and women are just the opposite. Female row hormones can promote hair growth. In contrast, the gap between men and women’s baldness comes out, and men have a greater bald crisis.

Astronomical hair loss is the most common type of hair loss. This type of hair loss is also intimately called the Mediterranean hair loss, and the surroundings are still dense, but the middle inches is not born. The onset is mainly to rely on the role of androgen. Men and women can occur. Men are more common. Most symptoms of women are mild. Most of them are shifted as the hairline. The specific process of hair loss varies from person to person. The “ancestor” factor is inherited.

People are bald, how should I cure it?

Treatment of androgen hair loss should be treated in the hospital. Hair loss has no special effect on the body, but it will affect its own image. If you don’t mind, you can not treat it.

There are two main treatment methods:

medical treatement

It can be treated with long -term external drugs, such as the Minnar tie, which can stimulate the head of the head. Or you can take orally non -thexide.


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Through the hair follicle transplantation, part of the hair follicles in the dense hair to the bald position, now hair transplantation has been used as an important treatment method for baldness.

Don’t panic if you can’t change your hair loss. Since you can’t change the facts of hair loss, you can also find other methods! For example, wearing wigs, how free, when you want to change your hairstyle, you will change your hairstyle.

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