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Bart -up and liver and protect the liver according to the two major points

Traditional Chinese medicine refers to the liver as the “general of the general”. The liver is the commander -in -chief and manages the operation of various departments of the body. Its main functions include storage of blood, smoothing the whole body, and promoting the operation of blood and fluid. If liver function is abnormal, symptoms such as irritability, irritability, decreased vision, and numbness of the limbs occur. Today, I will introduce the good liver care medicine that comes with the two bodies. Usually adding more massage is good for health.

1. Watering medicine — Guan Chong. The Chinese like to talk about things at the dining table, and there must be alcohol on the dining table. Although the wine is delicious, it will damage the liver after drinking too much. Here I recommend it to you a hangover acupoint -Guan Chong acupoint (pictured). Guan Chong acupoint is the beginning of the Shaoyang Sanjiao Jing. The Sanjiao Jing is a passage for Qi and Water. It has the effects of qi and water, and wakes up gods. The specific method is to use your nails or toothpicks to push the punching acupoint. Press for 10 seconds at a time. After 2 seconds of relaxation, repeat the press, and press 5 times on each side of your fingers. The force should be uniform on time, so that the acupuncture points can feel slightly sore.

2. Liver protection medicine — Period gate. Staying up late is as unavoidable as drinking. Modern people have almost become a commonplace. Over time, fatigue, no appetite and other symptoms will occur. In fact, the liver is sending a “danger signal” to you. The method I taught everyone to protect everyone is the normal rubbing period (pictured). The Period Gate is a raising acupoint on the liver meridian of the foot Jueyin. It is equivalent to the staff of the liver. When the liver encounters trouble, it will stand up to help the “general’s official” solve the problem. The datum acupoint is a specific acupuncture point that gathers the viscera. Since the acupoint is closer to the viscera, it is often used to treat various viscera diseases. 5 minutes with the palm frictional period every day is the preferred method of leaking liver and gallbladder.

Guan Chong and the Dianden Point formed the liver protection medicine on our body. People who often drink big wine and stay up late may wish to try it.

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