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BB with bronchitis is best not to keep pets

Many children like to play with small animals such as cats and dogs. However, experts remind that children with bronchitis should not have pets to avoid inducing diseases.

Experts point out that children with bronchitis or immune system defects are best not to raise pets to avoid causing diseases or germs on pets. In addition, some children will be allergic after contacting pets, such as sneezing, tears, itching of the skin, erythema skin, and low fever, and are not suitable for pets. In addition, pregnant women are also best not to keep pets.

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Experts also reminded families with pets and children, especially pay attention to try not to have intimate contact with pets or even kissing, and do not sleep with pets. Make a pet vaccine for pets in time. It is also necessary to regularly help pets to kill the parasites of the body and body surface and disinfect pets. Do not let pets lick the wound. Wash your hands in time after contacting pets. In summer, if pets often go outdoors, check whether they have lice and mites parasites. Once there are symptoms of human and livestock, such as fever and allergies, you should seek medical treatment in time.


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