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Be careful to lower your head!Diabetes “Savior Star” insulin has these side effects

Injecting insulin can stabilize diabetes. This is also the most direct way to treat diabetes in clinical practice. Although insulin has a therapeutic effect, if insulin is not used, the side effects are not small.

1 hypoglycemia

Most of the treatment schemes have not been optimized, and the dose of the use of drugs is too large, resulting in the patient’s kidney function damage to a certain extent.

At this time, the insulin elimination speed of injection will be reduced, and the time of action will be extended. Severe patients may have obvious consciousness and threaten life safety. Preventing such side effects is mainly to carefully check the names and dosage of the medicine to be injected before the injection to avoid operating errors.

Generally, patients should exercise more. If the diet is reduced, or if you do not want to eat, you should check it as soon as possible to avoid the beginning of the side effects. After diet, you must closely monitor the body’s blood sugar performance.

2 weight gain

Injecting insulin will increase the weight of patients. This side effect is mostly manifested by the weight of the patient before treatment. And the insulin we injected is a synthetic hormone that can promote the synthesis of protein and fat. Therefore, even patients with hypoglycemia will increase appetite and finally lead to gain. That’s it.

3 edema

After injection of insulin, some diabetic patients will have edema.

This is because after injection of insulin, water retention appears, and the excretion is reduced. Some patients have mild symptoms, and they will disappear naturally after a period of time, and some will be very serious. At this time, you need to cooperate with diuretics to avoid heart failure.

4 allergies

Some patients are allergic to hormones such as insulin, which may be caused by the low insulin purity and other impurities contained.

Patients generally have different symptoms such as spots or stomach discomfort. In order to reduce the sensitivity, pay more attention to the hygiene during injection.

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There are many side effects of insulin. Pay more attention to it. No matter what kind of performance, you must find a doctor for help and deal with it early.

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