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Be careful when buying!How to choose children’s cosmetics scientifically?

During the summer vacation, many parents have done arrangements for their children to participate in outdoor activities and enjoy parent -child interaction. Some children’s cosmetics with cleaning, moisturizing, and refreshing, especially sunscreen effects have been included in the shopping list of parents.

In order to help parents correctly understand, purchase and use children’s cosmetics, and ensure the safety of children’s makeup, the China Consumers Association and the Cosmetics Development Working Committee of the China Consumers Association issued a consumer prompt to remind parents and children’s cosmetics markets to chaotic and be cautious.

In recent years, the cosmetics market has gradually shown a trend of continuous growth and aging. In the market, children’s cosmetics such as lip gloss, lipstick, blush, nail polish, eye shadow, glittering powder, repair cream, powder, powder puff and other children’s cosmetics are dazzling.

Be careful when buying!How to choose children's cosmetics scientifically?

However, the China Consumers Association pointed out that the children’s cosmetics market has also exposed some problems. If there is no production license to produce children’s cosmetics, fake manufacturer factories, illegally add hormones and anti -infective drugs, claim “food -grade” cosmetics, and sell “” food -grade “cosmetics,” “food -grade” cosmetics, and selling “food -grade” cosmetics, and selling “food -grade” cosmetics and sale. “Make -up toys” are easily treated as children’s cosmetics, which is not conducive to children’s safety and health.

Everyone knows that children’s skin is delicate and uses cosmetics such as skin care products wrongly, which can easily cause damage to children’s skin. So how should we choose cosmetics correctly for children?

What should I pay attention to when buying cosmetics for children? There are 3 points to pay attention:

1. Pay attention to whether the product is applicable to children. Before buying new cosmetics, you can do a “skin test” for children.

First of all, apply a small amount in the middle and lower part of the front arm. After observing for a period of time, whether the skin on the application site is red and swollen, or whether it is itchy, burning, and tingling. Normal use.

2. Do not let children use adult cosmetics at will. Some functional ingredients may be added to adult cosmetics, which will cause great stimulation to children’s skin.

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Be careful when buying!How to choose children's cosmetics scientifically?

3. Children should use cosmetics under adult care to ensure that they follow the correct use of cosmetics. At the same time, cosmetics cannot claim medical effects or replace drugs.

It is recommended that you purchase children’s cosmetics from regular channels. You can check the label logo information of the cosmetics purchased by the website of the State Drug Administration or the “Cosmetics Supervision” APP. It is also necessary to properly preserve the products and check whether the product is due to the incorporated pollution within the validity period.

If the child has discomfort after using children’s cosmetics, he should stop using the product immediately and pay attention to observation; if the symptoms have not improved, please seek medical treatment in time.

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