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Be careful!Children’s “crooked head kill” may hide eye diseases

Under the warm sun, a naive and lovely child squinted his eyes slightly and looked at you with his head tilted. Such a beautiful picture will be “cute”. However, you know that the child’s “crooked head kill” that captured people’s hearts may not be his original intention, but that his eyes were sick. Deputy Chief Physicians of the Ophthalmology Department of Prayer Hospital said that since the summer vacation, small patients with ophthalmology have increased, and many of them are intermittent strabismus caused by excessive use of electronic products. Parents should pay attention to cultivating children’s health habits.

I found congenital internal strabismus before the child’s kindergarten

Xiao Ming (pseudonym) is 3 years old this year. When he was less than 1 year old, his mother found that when he looked ahead, his left eye was a bit oblique. It would be better to hear people. In severe, you have to crooked your head. Seeing that Xiaoming was about to go to kindergarten in September, his mother took him to the ophthalmology department of Prayer Hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

The deputy chief physician of the consultation told her mother that Xiaoming was “congenital internal strabismus” and needed surgery. As a result, Xiaoming was hospitalized for surgery, and his left eye finally changed his “oblique”.

Small eye patients with small ophthalmology increased, whether or not you can follow

Ji Nianshi said that since the summer vacation, small patients in ophthalmology have increased, and many of them are children with strabismus, myopia, and amblyopia. Due to the epidemic reasons, children have more electronic products at home and their vision changes have changed greatly. The child with strabismus is not only as congenital as Xiaoming, but also the intermittent external strabismus that has suddenly appeared recently because of overwhelming mobile phones and iPads.

Children suffer from strabismus. When looking at things, they will be a bit different from ordinary people. Parents should pay attention to observation in their lives:

In the room, the child’s eyes are widely opened, but as soon as they reach outdoor, especially in the sun, the child will narrow one eye.

When the child looks at an object, he often tilted his head, sideways, raised or restrained.

If you find that the child is looking at the above two situations, parents can try to do a small check: take a flashlight (be careful not to use strong light), and to illuminate the child’s nose in the middle of the child 33 cm from the front. The child stared at the flashlight and observed the pupils of the two eyes. If the reflective point is asymmetric, the child is likely to be squinting.

Slipping cannot heal itself, surgery can be changed to “oblique” to correct

“Slinging cannot be healed by himself. Parents should not expect that children will grow up too much.” Said Yan Yanjie. So, many parents will ask if the strabismus surgery is better, the better.

In fact, the industry does not specify strict surgery ages for strabismus surgery. Whether surgery needs to be undergoing surgery requires doctors to choose according to the actual situation, and use different surgery according to the severity of the disease. “For congenital internal strabismus, the industry is generally recommended for early surgery, but for intermittent external strabismus surgery, it can determine the appropriate operation time according to the function of the eyesight.” Said Yan Yanjie.

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