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Be careful!These four types of medicines can aggravate psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease with a long course of disease, which is also called psoriasis. After suffering from this illness, long -term medication is required. Many patients want to be treated rapidly by medication, but the effect is counterproductive. The following four types of drugs patients should be careful, they may aggravate the condition.

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Be careful! These four types of medicines can aggravate psoriasis

1. Hormone:

It mainly refers to corticosteroid drugs, which are divided into two types: extra use and internal. Mainly used medicines are dermatitis, easy skin, skin disease, king of Pipon, germia, skin cream, etc. There are strong pine, dexamethasone, pine, de -inflammation, de -inflammatory pine, relaxed skin, anti -inflammatory, sponginone, double rice pine, and some imported high -concentration of hormone injections Musamin shrgeptial (USP), etc.

Although the cortical hormone controls psoriasis, although it is effective and easy to use, the side effects are very large, which can make the patients gain weight in the short term, the voice is thick, the sweat is long, the osteoporosis, and even the fracture. Become the main cause of severe psoriasis, so it is not possible to abuse hormones for ordinary patients, and it can only be used for external use or regularly use it under the guidance of a doctor. Make your condition worse.

2. Anti -tumor drugs (that is, immunosuppressive agent):

The main drugs for controlling psoriasis include ebbing morpholine, white blood, anemine, and tidamycin. The basis for this type of drug to treat psoriasis is a part of the hyperplasia of epidermal cells. Although it is effective for psoriasis, the side effects are very large, which can cause hair loss, nausea, and oral ulcers. And greatly damage to the growth and division of normal cells, especially for liver cells and bone marrow cells, and severely damaged the normal immune function of the human body, and even induced leukemia, which is endangered. Reports that cause death caused by taking such medicines are often reported.

3. Use with caution:

① Antibiotics such as tetracycline and penicillin; ② Treatment of hypertension heart disease, body blockers such as safety, experience, and antimalarial chlorine; ③ non -hormonal anti -inflammatory drugs, Paitatong and treatment of mania Lithium and other drugs. These can induce or aggravate psoriasis. Under the guidance of a doctor.

4. Pay special attention:

The consequences of the use of Dalis ointment, Dilin tablets, and hemosis (containing BMBMoprid).

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