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Be careful!Your mole may be melanoma tumor

Speaking of moles, everyone is no stranger. Most people have had moles on their bodies, and they don’t feel how big it is. In most cases, the vast majority of people will not care about the moles on the body, unless the part where the mole appears affects the aesthetics.

However, although moles are not a big problem, melanoma is different. Many people can’t distinguish the difference between moles and melanoma. Today I will give you the difference between the two. Before that, let me introduce melanoma.

What is melanoma?

Black beam flow is a tumor that comes from the discharge of melanocytes. It has a high degree of deterioration and mostly occurs in the skin. It can also occur in different parts or tissues such as mucous membranes, ulchs, and soft meningals.

Moles are skin diseases and melanoma is tumor. Although it looks a bit similar, the two are completely different. Next, I will introduce how to distinguish between moles and melanoma.

How to distinguish mole and melanoma?

Some moles may evolve into a very high degree of malignant melanoma for various reasons. In daily life, it is difficult to distinguish mole and melanoma. The main differences between the two are the following points.

First, asymmetric. Ordinary moles are symmetrical, melanoma asymmetry.

Second, convenience. The boundary between the edges and surroundings of ordinary moles is obvious, while the boundary between melanoma and the surrounding skin is not obvious.

Third, color. Generally speaking, ordinary moles are black, brown, brownish yellow, etc., mostly single. Most of the melanoma is combined with two or more colors, and brown -yellow, brown, etc. are mixed with white, pink, blue black, gray, etc.

Fourth, diameter. Ordinary moles are generally less than 6mm in diameter, and melanoma is generally greater than 6mm.

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Fifth, traits. Ordinary moles have no bulge and melanoma.

Sixth, pain. Ordinary moles pressed the painless sensation, and the melanoma can cause pain.

If you find that your moles have similar performances, you must go to the hospital for treatment in time, and give a professional doctor to determine whether it is melanoma and receive treatment as soon as possible.

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