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Be sexy!Shape sexy coquettish body 5 action

Repair: The palm of the palm is on the wall, and the body and the wall are standing parallel.The knee is slightly curved, the body is leaning forward, and the body is supported with the power of the pectoral muscles. After 20 seconds, it returns to 1 to complete a cycle. It is one group 10 to 20 times.

Efficacy: firm chest to prevent sagging.

Attending the party, you can’t help but wear a backless outfit. You can also have the back of the back with clear lines, smooth muscles, and flawless firming!

Repair: Squat (the angle is slightly less than 90 degrees), kneels on the pad with the other foot, and puts both hands on both sides of the pelvis.Stand up up, until the back of the feet stands straight, and when you stand up, you must straighten your back muscles.Keep your upper body, squat slowly, and return to the initial posture.Repeat the above action 3 to 5 times.

Efficacy: Shape the back lines, tighten the back muscles, and help tighten your thighs.

Without an angel face, the devil’s body or long legs, as long as you work hard, the seductive hip of the curve can be obtained.

Exercise the middle muscle: Sit on the right side to the ground with your body, stick your right foot to the ground, touch the ground with both hands to support the body, do not dump your hips backwards, and lift your left leg to the front to 90 degrees with your body.Then, kick your left leg back to the limit, do 10 times back and forth, and change the right side for repeated movements.Note that the upper body must be kept stable, the hips are kept 90 degrees, and the feet do not land when it is performed.

Efficacy: Strengthen the mid -renal muscle and repair the lines of the straight legs at the same time.

Beautiful hips: stand, take your hands on your hips, stretch your left foot straight back, cross a big step, bend your right knee 90 degrees, keep for tens of seconds.Hold your left foot and change your right foot.The left and right feet are done once evenly, repeated 30 times.Pay attention to the knees and toes when you do.

Efficacy: beautify the hip lines

Abdomen: Sitting on the pad, straight back, sticking to the feet, holding the insteps with both hands, pulling the ankle closer to the body, and the knee as close to the ground as much as possible.Press the abdomen down, feel that the belly button is approaching the foot of the feet, the back keeps straight, the head is naturally relaxed naturally, inhaling and exhaling 5 times.The whole group was repeated 3 times.

Effect: Remove abdominal fat and tighten the abdominal muscles.

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