Be wary: 10 invalid weight loss recipes, do not try

I often hear a lot of “small secrets” about weight loss, but these weight loss recipes are not effective. If you don’t want to be a mice, let’s take a look at the truth behind the weight loss secret recipe and help you get rid of annoying fat. Be wary of the following 10 ineffective weight loss methods, don’t lose weight and hurt your body.

Rumors to drink strong tea to increase weight loss effect

Weight loss secret: drink strong tea and coffee to lose weight.

This is the case: strong tea and coffee contain caffeine, which is a substance that allows the human body to excite, accelerate metabolism, and reduce sleep. This can indeed lose weight, but in coffee, we often add a kind of The “lipid foam” for coffee partners to increase the taste of coffee, and this kind of lipidal foam is usually artificially synthesized, with high calories, and long -term consumption will not only allow the human body to consume too much calories, the chemical composition is to the human body to the human body It is not beneficial. Drinking strong tea before meals is for people with poor stomach and stomach, which will aggravate the disease of gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers. Drink strong tea after meals. Tea alkaline stimulates the central nervous system, increases the human body’s metabolic rate, promotes the secretion of gastric juice and the digestion of food, but accelerates the speed of the human body to produce hunger. Have fat!

Rumor Er Er vegetarian weight loss

Weight loss secret: What can be doubtful if you eat a vegetarian and lose weight? The vegetarian food is light and delicious, but fortunately digestion, it must not grow fat.

It turns out: Vegetarian food has become a hot topic, and many people agree that vegetarian can lose weight. Vegetarian foods, such as vegetables, fruits, grains, etc., compared with animal foods of the same weight, their calories are low. But anyone, the calories they consume are lower than the consumption of the body, and the fat in the body can be slowly reduced, not just to refer to the predators. There are also high -calorie foods in vegetarian foods, such as fried spring rolls, vegetarian assorted, etc., which are mainly oily and polysaccharides. In addition, the human body originally needs nutritional balance. Eat vegetarian dishes and not eat amaranth, which can lead to malnutrition and lack of vitamins.

It is rumored that the three weight loss is broken with the fat and two knives

Weight loss secrets: After eating animal fat, all of them are transformed into human fat, which is a taboo for weight loss.

It turns out that this is the case: fat foods are resistant to digestion. After eating, it can reduce the intake of starch foods and snacks, which will play a positive role in weight loss. In addition, the fat in the food will not be stored in the body quickly into fat, and at the same time, the decomposition of fat can inhibit the synthesis of fat in the body to a certain extent. Therefore, taking an appropriate amount of fat will not only affect the shape, but also beneficial to bodybuilding. In addition, even if you do n’t consume fat, the human body will still make fat by itself. From a nutritional point of view, the appropriate amount of fat is good for the human body. In diet, you can choose low -fat meat such as beef, rabbit meat, poultry meat. Try to cook as much as possible when cooking. Use less oil, you can choose to eat cold dishes at night to reduce the intake of fat.

It is rumored to eat watermelon a lot of goodness

Weight loss secret: Fruit is a good choice for weight loss, and it will not make mistakes if you eat more.

It turns out that most of the fruits are more beneficial to lose weight than meat and staple foods, but watermelon and pineapple are an exception. Because their GI values ​​are almost the same as that of some starchy foods such as pasta, biscuits, and even higher than meat foods. This is the key to determining whether you are prone to fat. The higher the sugar absorption of food, the easier it is to get fat. The watermelon content of watermelon reaches more than 90%. Eating watermelon will have a sense of satiety because a large amount of water in watermelon stretches the stomach. In a certain period of time, people will have fullness. As a result, it is easy to cause abnormal appetite and make the body malnutrition. If you want to replace other foods by eating fruits, choose more safer fruits such as coconut, strawberry, grapefruit, etc.

Rumors of five stir -fried dishes more seasonings

Weight loss secrets: When cooking, add more seasonings, which can stimulate the brain nerves and achieve the feeling of fullness, so as to reduce eating.

It turns out: seasoning itself contains high calories. For example, the GI value of pepper (the so -called GI is the “glucose index” in nutrition, that is, the intake of food to convert the ratio of “sugar” in the body.) As high as 73, the curry card is even more amazing. However, the GI and KCALs of rice porridge are only 57 and 71, respectively. Therefore, it is likely that you add more seasonings than the calories caused by normal eating, which is really worthless. In addition, according to research, a large part of human appetite is derived from salt, and the cooking of meat is almost due to the role of seasoning. The taste can be largely increased. Putting more seasonings can make the appetite open greatly. , Eat more. Therefore, when cooking food, try to put the seasonings as little as possible, and put less cooking oil. It is advisable to be light.

Rumors Six entanglement of plastic wrap and movement

Weight loss secret: Every time you exercise, see the wet sweat entangled on your body, you will feel that it is the result of fat burning.

It turns out: Of course, this method is feasible, especially wrapping the plastic wrap on the arm and legs to lose weight, but it is not suitable in summer. Sweating is indeed a lot more than usual, but sweating is a little bit collapsed, but the weight does not obviously change. Instead, the skin will grow some small rashes in the humid and hot plastic wrap to hurt your skin.

Rumors to stay up late to lose weight

Weight loss secret: Every time you stay up late, you will find that you seem to lose weight.

It turns out: stay up late every night and do not sleep, and get up to work at 8 o’clock. After a month after the week, you consume a lot of calories, and people should lose weight. The disadvantage is that it is possible to rebound. In addition, staying up late will cause the biological clock to be disrupted, and the physique will be worse. If you have to stay up late to lose weight, it is recommended to add meals at night, try to eat some digestible foods such as liquid food, fruits, milk, and milk, and put the meal time away from sleeping one and a half hours. Rumor Eat of Bayuo spicy food

Weight loss secret: spicy food has the effect of burning fat, so it is effective for weight loss.

It turns out: eating chili can make people excited and accelerate the body’s metabolism, but the combination of cooked with peppers is usually oily, high -heat Hunan and Sichuan cuisine. They are also high -calorie dishes. Instead, we will increase our fat. In addition, eating peppers should be combined with local climate characteristics. The southern climate is humid and cold, and peppers need to be added to supplement the body. However, most of the northern areas are dry and not suitable for long -term spicy food. To eat more spicy foods to lose weight for a long time, it will affect gastrointestinal function, causing stomach pain or even gastric bleeding. Eating too much irritating food can also make the skin rough and even grow acne, you must be cautious!

Rumors Jiuhong’s stomach persistence is victory

Weight loss secret: Weight loss is to test willpower, we must be hungry, hungry to satisfaction.

It turns out: What is hungry? There are a series of physiological adverse reactions such as insomnia, dizziness, and weakness. If you are hungry blindly, hypoglycemia and gastric perforation are the most likely complications. The problem is that the body does not receive your feelings. Once you are hungry, the speed of metabolism will decrease, and the burning calories in the body will become less, resulting in weight loss failure. What’s more serious is that long -term hungry will cause anorexia, so that it will be lost.

Rumors can lose weight for 30 minutes at a jogging for 30 minutes

Weight loss secret: Many people say that when choosing a jogging for weight loss, it must be controlled in 30 minutes. It is useless to grow, and it is not effective.

It turns out: This is not scientific to lose weight. Practice has proved that only if the duration of exercise is about 40 minutes, the fat in the human body can be mobilized to supply energy with the sugar source. With the extension of exercise time, the amount of fat energy supply can reach 85%of the total consumption. It can be seen that the fat consumption is not obvious regardless of the strength of 40 minutes.

(Intern editor: Li Xing)

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