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Be wary of the preliminary symptoms of uremia

Early symptoms of uremia can cause nausea, vomiting, fatigue, anemia, increased blood pressure, and edema. We must be alert to these symptoms. By checking the renal function, you can initially understand whether there is uremia.

Urexia is a state that the toxic accumulation is accumulated in the body due to the loss of renal function.Clinically, various kidney diseases have gradually developed, their functions gradually decrease, and eventually develop into uremia.Once the uremia stage is entered, a series of pathological changes will occur.The most typical changes are the metabolic disorders of water and toxins, and water cannot be discharged from the body.Mild patients with edema and hypertension, severe patients with chest tightness and uremia -associated encephalopathy with conscious disorder.When suffering from uremia, renal function tests will find that creatinine and urea nitrogen increase significantly, accompanied by blood potassium and acid poisoning significantly.Each liter of blood creatinine exceeds 707 microol, which indicates that kidney disease has entered the period of uremia.Common causes of uremia in clinical practice include glomerular nephritis, diabetic nephropathy, hypertension kidney damage, polycystic kidney, etc., which need to be in the early stage of these kidney diseases, through positive drug treatment, life and diet conditioning.Prevent the deterioration of the condition.In the process of treatment, pay attention to regular review of the clinic, monitor changes in the condition, and pay attention to protecting the kidneys in daily life. Do not stay up late and overwork.

Patients with uremia need to pay attention to, first pay attention to healthy diet, low -salt and low oil diet.If the patient does not perform dialysis, the protein content in the food needs to be controlled. It is generally controlled at 0.6g/kg per day, mainly high -quality protein, namely eggs, milk, meat and soybean protein.Salt intake should be controlled below 5g/day, and it is best to control below 3g/day.Avoid overeating, ensure the laws of life, and avoid staying up late.Patients can also perform appropriate exercise to enhance physical resistance, reduce the probability of infection, and maintain good emotions.Secondly, it is recommended to regularly come to the hospital to evaluate various complications, such as renal anemia, calcium and phosphorus metabolic disorders, hyperkalemia, metabolic acid poisoning, etc., and adjust the drug treatment at any time according to the test results to control various complications.The last thing to note is that you need to follow the doctor’s advice and follow up regularly.Undocumented or stopped drugs without permission.

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