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Be wary of the seven complications of gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is a kind of urogencinal mucosal infectious inflammatory disease caused by gonorrhea, which is directly transmitted through sexual contact. Among various reproductive infection diseases, the incidence of gonorrhea is the highest. Because some of the female patients are asymptomatic, the emergence of penicillinase antibiotic strains and a variety of antibiotic antibiotic strains make the prevention and treatment of gonorrhea difficulty and become a key disease in the current reproductive infection disease. If improper treatment or not undergo special treatment, a lot of complications will cause.

Seven major complications of gonorrhea:

1. Gonorrhea seminal vesiculitis: gonorrhea through ejaculation tubes, vollar tubes or lymphatic tract. The perineal swelling feels, and the urination and urination are intensified. Her hernia pain is radiated towards the vasters and testicles, and the urine is clarified.

2. Female babies or early youth girls may have vulva stimulation, erythema, edema with purulent vaginal secretions and rectitis. Children may have dysuria or difficulty in urination, and parents can find their underwear pollution.

3. Gonorrhea urethral stenosis: After several months or years of chronic gonorrhea, it is easy to cause urethral stenosis. At first, the patient had no feelings, gradually urination, frequent urination, weak urine wirelessly, and could not be directly radiated. Drop out. Perform sexual urethral stenosis, if not treated in early treatment, the fruit is extremely bad, and sometimes competes for life.

4. Gonorrhea glans foreskinitis: caused by gonorrhea purulent secretions to stimulate the glans and the inner lobe in the foreskin. Start local burning, itching, slight pain, foreskin edema, and internal erosion. The glans are flushed and mild erosion, and the foreskin of the severe illnesses appears significant puffiness. It cannot be flushed. The glans are swollen and can be secondly inflammatory phimosis.

5. Cynecology epididymitis: This disease is caused by the invasion of epididymia through the ejaculation tube, which is the most common complication of acute urethral gonorrhea. It is manifested as epididymia swelling, touched the surface of the surface, and often has radioactive pain. The body temperature rises to about 39 degrees Celsius.

6. Gonorrhea prostatitis: divided into acute and chronic types: acute prostatitis: one of the complications of urethritis after gonorrhea. Most of them occur in the third week of gonorrhea. The frequency of urine and pain, especially the pain after urination, dull pain in the perineum and near the anus, and pain during the stool. The prostate is swollen, the surface is uneven, the pain is painful, and the urethra often has purulent secretion. Chronic prostatitis: Acute prostatitis is not thoroughly treated, and it is easy to turn into chronic prostatitis. It shows that the perineum has a feeling of falling, tenderness, and frequency of urine, often with low back pain. The anal diagnosis of the prostate is hypertrophy, there are many places, there are hard constraints, tenderness is touched, there are mucus secretions during massage, and white blood cells are checked.

7. Gonorrhea Vilular urethritis: Most of the auxiliary urethrals speak around the outer mouth of the urethra, or the lace part, or the back of the penis on the middle of the middle line. When there is such a sub -urethral patient, patients with gonorrhea are easily affected and obvious inflammation occurs. Gonorrhea can be found in purulent secretions, which is one of the sources of gonorrhea infection.

How to treat gonorrhea in Chinese medicine:

Traditional Chinese medicine can be used as auxiliary measures for gonorrhea treatment. It must not be regarded as the main treatment method to ignore antibacterial treatment. Otherwise, it will only misunderstand the disease, causing the general disease to be prolonged.

1. Acute gonorrhea: Clear heat and dampness and detoxification, as follows.

① 30g of Tu Fuling, 30g of raw coix kernels, 30g of bacteria Chen, 30g of white grains, 20g of talc, 10g of licorice tips, 10g of scutellaria baicalensis, cork 10g, gardenia 10g, silver flower 20g, forsythia 20g. 1 dose of water every day.

② You can also use Haijin Sha San, Badong San or Antlers Frost Pill.

2. Chronic gonorrhea: The rule is to nourish the kidney and dampness.

① 20g of cooked land, 15g of mandarin meat, 30g of Huai yam, 12g of solution, 12g in front of the car, 15g of Zexie, continuing 12, dog ridge 12g, Eucommia 12g, mulberry 9g. 1 dose of water every day.

② You can also use Jintui Shenqi Pills, Zhibai Dihuang Wan or Qingxin Lotus Soup.

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