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Before going to bed is the golden time of health!Persist in 4 good habits, it is difficult to live long!

Since ancient times, people have liked to find the secrets of “longevity”, and in fact, the way to keep people longevity can ultimately be inseparable from good living habits. Among them, sleep is one of the important factors that affect life.

Some habits before going to bed will also affect our sleep quality and sleep well to live longer.

1. Sleeping affects life

Many epidemiology research pointed out a fact: the shorter the sleep, the shorter the life.[1] A survey by the American Anti -Cancer Association shows that 80%of people who sleep less than 4 hours a night are shortevate. On the contrary, people who can reach 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night have the longest life.[2]

Before going to bed is the golden time of health!Persist in 4 good habits, it is difficult to live long!

We sleep every day. Sleeping is a basic activity of human beings to maintain life, but people don’t know much about sleep.On the surface of clinical research, healthy adults need to sleep for 7 to 8 hours a day.

Sleeping too little, it will bring a series of diseases to the body, because many organs, including the brain, repairs themselves when people sleep.Long -term lack of sleep can cause dementia, cardiovascular disease, anxiety, etc., and even induce cancer.

However, this does not mean that long -term sleep is full of profit and no harm.The risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease will be greatly improved when sleeping too long to sleep too long.For the elderly, sleeping too long can accelerate the decline of memory and lead to dementia.

According to data from early entering industrialized countries, in the past 100 years, the average human sleep duration has decreased.This is due to the faster rhythm of life in modern society, longer working hours, and entertainment richer, squeezing sleep time.

In addition, the environment full of lights at night affects the release of melatonin, which is a hormone that can help sleep, which leads to a reduced sleep time.


Before going to bed is the golden time of health!Persist in 4 good habits, it is difficult to live long!

Guo Xiheng, director of the Beijing Chaoyang Hospital Sleep Respiration Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Center, pointed out that the best sleep duration in different ages is different:

The sleeping time of infants under 1 year old is as long as 16 hours because their bodies are developing rapidly;

And adolescents need to sleep for 8 hours a day, and their 30s to 60 years old are 7 hours;

Elderly people over 60 are not recommended to sleep too long, 5.5-7 hours is better. This can delay the process of brain aging.

2. The 4 things before going to bed are the best to do less

If you want to sleep quickly and have good quality sleep every day, you need to change these sleep habits.

Be angry and excited before going to bed.Emotional emotions before going to bed can make the brain active and accelerate the heartbeat, which makes it difficult to calm down and fall asleep quickly.In addition, pre -bed exercise can also lead to the excitement and activity of the brain, and will not calm down in a short time. Therefore, you should maintain a relatively stable posture before going to bed to reduce activities.

Improper diet before going to bed.If you eat too much before going to bed, the stomach will continue to digest and continuously stimulate the brain. As Chinese medicine says “stomach discord, it is restless.”In addition, drinking tea, coffee and other drinks before going to bed, which contains caffeine, can stimulate people’s central nervous nerves and cause excitement.

Improper pillows and quilts.Too high or too low pillows will cause adverse effects. Too high is easy to hinder the smooth flow of the respiratory tract and cause snoring; too low is easy to “fall into the pillow.”

Sitting and sleeping.Some people returned from get off work to get home too tired, sitting on the sofa after eating, watching TV, and fell asleep, and slept for one night.There is a lot of hidden safety hazards in sitting and sleeping. At this time, the vascular dilation and insufficient blood supply to each organ cause the brain to be hypoxic. After waking up, it is easy to have headaches and dizziness.

Before going to bed is the golden time of health!Persist in 4 good habits, it is difficult to live long!

3. If you want to live long, you may do these 4 points before going to bed

What did you do one hour before going to bed is closely related to sleep quality.If you want to get high -quality sleep and extend your life, you must develop the following habits.

1. Comb hair

The head of the head is concentrated in the important acupuncture points of the human body. Combing hair before going to bed is conducive to clearing the acupuncture points and playing the role of massage.First use a comb to sort the hair smoothly, then massage the scalp with your fingers, and feel that the scalp is slightly hot and numb.This can not only help to dredge the blood, but also improve memory and protect the root.

2. Soak your feet

In winter, the weather is cold, and the feet are the farthest part of the heart, which is very easy to provide insufficient blood due to cold.The cold feet will affect sleep when sleeping, so you may wish to soak your feet before going to bed and add several Chinese medicines to not only promote blood circulation in the body, but also health through the acupuncture points of the feet.

3. Do a simple small exercise

The elderly have a long time to sit for a long time. Often, they can not get stretching for a long time. They can perform some mild exercises such as walking and slow walking before going to bed. They can improve the blood circulation of the body surface, and also relax the limbs and help sleep.

4. Brush your teeth and wash your face

Brushing your teeth before going to bed can remove the food residues in the mouth, so that the bacteria will not breed in the oral cavity in a closed oral cavity in sleep, and reduce the risk of accent diseases.Washing your face and cleaning your skin before going to bed can help protect the skin and prevent the skin from drying the skin.

Before going to bed is the golden time of health!Persist in 4 good habits, it is difficult to live long!

When life and work pressure come on, it is often our sleep that sacrifice.Studies have found that the less you sleep, the shorter your life, so you must ensure that sleeping duration and avoid staying up late.In addition, people who have difficulty falling asleep can develop some good sleep habits to help fall asleep quickly.

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