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Before going to bed, share the good time of parent -child

The American movie “Before the False Story” was released wonderfully, and it couldn’t help but trigger the desire to tell the children a different story, and took my fantasy emotions to light up the baby. What did the children get in the pre -bed story?

Beautiful stories help children get more life experience;

Discuss the plot with them, which reflects respect for children;

The story is just a microcosm of a society, which can make parent -child reading become a leading lead for children to construct themselves;

The good and evil of the story can strengthen the personality foundation of young children.

Of course, in addition to these, I think the most important point is to give us a strong affection before bedtime and the best way to release children’s imagination. So, what do you do to take your child into this fantasy world more calmly?

1. Choose a good book together

Choose a child and you like it. The simple and easy -to -understand picture book is the favorite of the little child. Only in this way can we focus on their attention to the story and can tell the story longer. At the same time Note into the vivid tone and expression, the child will be more infected and fall in love with parent -child reading!

2. Sharing joy and sorrow

Sharing is also a kind of love. Our soft voice and kind smile, and the time -old and sunny expressions will cause deep feelings to children, train their emotions, help learn to read vocal reading, and rich facial expressions. This is definitely a vivid course for them.

3. 15 points before bedtime story

The story before going to bed takes the children to enter the fantasy world, but it must be a degree, otherwise it will become a delusion. We tell your children a story 15 minutes before going to bed every day, and strive to insist on every day. Think about it, only if we can give them such a wonderful world, we will not find any excuses to take off. At the same time, when the children enter the dreamland, the small mind must be full of thinking, tranquility, and passion for life.

4. Set the familiar environment

A familiar environment can make children’s attention more concentrated. For example, at the same time, at the same place, holding the same doll and thinking of the same book, the little child likes this predictable sense of security, and it also needs this habitual habitual The ceremony.

5. Repeat the story

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Infants who have not understood power like to listen to old stories, and repeatedly telling the same story is a relieving process for them. At a certain stage, they will like them very much. Sometimes, they will take the initiative to tell the old story and want to hear new stories. This decision is in their hands.

How powerful is the power of the story before bedtime? I believe that children can tell us loudly: This is not imagination. In our world, they really exist, so don’t ignore us and give us more fantasy space!

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