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Before “Love”, use these 4 methods to act more harmoniously

There is no doubt that sexual life helps promote the relationship between husband and wife or couples. This is also a thing exclusive to each other and very private. Most couples usually enjoy the love of fish and water in their bedrooms.

However, in order to pursue stimuli, many people choose some places that seem “strange” to “do things”. For example, toilets are one of them. Why do people like to “husband and wife life” in such places?

1. Is it psychological pervert to like to “do things” in the toilet?

Some couples or couples, especially young and more open -minded, are willing to try more fresh occasions in the choice of sex.For example, in the toilet.

Man is an animal willing to experience and challenge freshness, especially in the concept of gender, traditional morality and cultural atmosphere, which has a constraint on people’s hearts.

But people with low constraints, or people who break the restraint from the psychological level, they will not have moral pressure in terms of sex, and they are more willing to try different freshness.Therefore, trying sexual life in the toilet is just a kind of experience compared to the traditional and alternative experience.

First of all, the biggest benefit is to increase the relationship between two people.Compared to men, women’s attitudes towards sex are forbearing and conservative. This conservative does not necessarily refer to the conservative attitude, but conservative language and expression.

It’s like she shouted, but her body did not make any resistance.And men are different. Before trying new sexual stimuli and sexual scenes, they are proposed and promoters.

If a man proposes to do business in the toilet, the attitude of women usually accepts is critical.Men may appear rude in the way of acting, or they may not ask women’s opinions directly, and in the toilet, “overlord the hard bow.”

But after he did this, he needed to face a very uncertain consequence, whether the woman really agreed with him.If a woman disagrees and minds, then their feelings will end.

However, if a woman agree, the woman may not take the initiative to propose it on the one hand, and the words do not agree, but the behavior is not blocked, and there is no displeased afterwards, then the man will default women to accept this behavior.

On the other hand, a woman’s initiative to propose or cooperate with men’s proposals. For this, men may be more excited.After all, women’s forbearance and conservative mentality is unpredictable. There are not many women who can take the initiative to cooperate or even propose to share this exciting woman with men. In this case, men must be reluctant to let go in terms of emotion.

Secondly, from a physiological perspective, “doing things” in the toilet can try to ensure hygiene cleaning.Most toilets have the function of bathing. In the toilet, two people can take a bath to the other party. To a certain extent, through the contact of both parties, they can clean their own bodies more thorough and clean.And unhealthy issue.

Moreover, the two people are exposed to each other. Under sexual stimuli, they can generate more pleasure, which improves the time of the foreplay, and on the other hand, it also extends the overall room time.

For women, the foreplay of extended and the middle of the middle of the matter can allow themselves to experience more sexual fun.Women’s sexual pleasure comes slowly. New occasions and teasing on the bed. The integration of these factors is more conducive to the arrival of women’s pleasure.

However, toilets are just places where sexual pleasure and excitement. It is not a place where traditional services. With a little carelessness, fun will become tragedy.

Sexuality in the toilet, he must have been bathing beforehand, the space is forced to say, and the ground is smooth. The two people are full of passion, the action is large, and it is very easy to fall.

In the absence of nakedness and space, and there are hard objects around, it is easy to cause the risk of falling, bruises, and bumps.A person’s injury in the toilet will cause accidental death. The two people fall without any defense, and the risk is not small.

Space is risk of sudden cardiovascular and cerebrovascular death.

Don’t think this is alarmist. Modern people have a trend of youth because of unreasonable diet structure and cardiovascular disease risk.The exercise, and the air is getting scarce, this risk will naturally be greater.

2. Inventory of those wonderful “work” sites

Today, when sexual concepts are gradually open, coupled with the continuous evolution of various places, the battlefield of sex has naturally expanded a lot compared to the past.Although these places are stimulating, it is naturally higher than the traditional bedroom.

On the car:

This is where many couples and derailed people are the most likely to wipe their guns and get angry.The couple is because they are in a period of love, so theoretically, they can spark the sparks in theory.The derailment is to avoid risks. After all, the family dare not do it, and the house is worried about the leakage of information, so the car has become a relatively suitable place.

However, the risks in the car are also very large, and the space is small. In addition, some people do not open the window when they work.field:

The wild is also a place where many partners are willing to try. After all, when you return to nature, you will have a lot of strange feelings in your heart.But the wild is in a space where it is not controlled by itself. Even if the place you choose is remote, it is prone to the embarrassing situation of being seen.

Moreover, if the choice is too remote, there are some other risk factors.Furthermore, the wild is different from the home. Clean hygiene cannot guarantee that women have the risk of infectious diseases.

For some young people with hot feelings, or derailed people, because of the freshness of her heart, they are very happy to try many occasions.This means that the living room, office, fitting room, and public toilets can all be the place where it is done.

The risk of identity exposure belongs to social factors. From a physiological perspective, it is out of the same room. In a place where strange or completely inappropriate sex, it is often facing a lot of physiological risk issues.

Furthermore, for some special occasions, because most of them are occasional rooms, contraceptive measures are often not in place, and the risk of accidental pregnancy is high.

Third, do these 4 things well, you can also provoke “desire”

For husbands and wives, the longer the time is, the freshness between each other is declining.If you want to maintain the relationship between the two people and the sexual experience, you need to take some measures appropriately.Especially women, they must learn how to catch their men’s hearts.

Learn to use body language to tease the other half

Men are visual animals and never underestimate their charm.If you want to improve the sexual interest of two people, women can take the initiative and use their bodies to tease the other half.Whether it is physical movement or the taste of clothes, men can’t stand this kind of offensive and will surrender obediently.

Use the foreplay to set up the atmosphere

The old husband and wife do not feel more and more. It is very important that many people have forgotten the presence of the foreplay.Whether it is in a detailed language to tell love, or to attract and tease each other with the movements of the limbs, from kissing to stroke, from hug to Moji, hormones need two people to attract each other with their bodies.Only a little high.

Try role -playing

The focus of sexual experience is to feel excitement. Two people can try to play role -playing in bed. Whether it is language or body, this teasing will help people fall into a sexual fantasy. With pleasure, as pleasantImprove, that feeling is more likely to make two people want to stop.

With the help of props

Today’s sexual products are full of dazzling products. Trying different sex props can give both parties more exciting.And the use of many sex props is not limited to putting on, in the living room or in the toilet. This bold display and experience of interest can easily ignite the desire of two people.

While taking different ways to enhance emotional and sexual desire, both husband and wife, especially old husband and wife, pay more attention to sexuality.Men’s pleasure came quickly, and they walked quickly, but women were different, whether they came or walked, they were slow.

Therefore, in addition to being cool, men must pay attention to the feelings of their wives.Especially after finishing the matter, don’t rush to take a bath or play your mobile phone directly. At this time, she should embrace her wife to make her feel a slow ending.

Therefore, in essence, taking care of each other’s emotions is the biggest magic weapon to enhance sex and feelings.

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