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Before the physical examination, make up for eight lessons

The annual medical examination can take stock of the important “assets”, but many people do not know the medical examination process or misunderstanding precautions, which leads to the inaccurate results of the examination. The medical examination is done in vain. If you want to prevent the results of the medical examination distortion, make up for the following 8 lessons.

Do not eat breakfast on the day of the medical examination. After the meal, the triglyceride in the blood increased by about 50%, and the blood glucose, thelanine amin aminotransferase, and the blood potassium increased by 15%, so the empty stomach was required before the examination. There is a limit on the empty stomach, and it is not good for too long. For more than 18 hours, the body is in a state of mild hunger. Blood components related to metabolism, liver and kidney function changes, such as blood sugar, blood lipids, serum protein, creatinine, uric acid, etc. The empty stomach is 8 ~ 14 hours without calorie intake, and you can not eat breakfast that day. Drink less or not to drink water before drawing blood to avoid dilution of blood, leading to errors such as blood sugar, blood lipids, and blood viscosity. Gastroscopy for gastrointestinals must be prohibited.

Avoid overeating 3 days before the physical examination. Eating a large amount of greasy foods can cause the accuracy of the increase in triglyceride and the accuracy of liver merit. Eating a large amount of high -protein foods can increase urea nitrogen and serum creatinine, causing an illusion of abnormal renal function. Animal viscera, blood, spinach, etc. may affect the stool’s potential blood test. It is recommended to keep the food light 3 days before the physical examination. Do not drink, coffee, strong tea, do not eat cold drinks, and do not smoke.

Blood mining does not exceed 11 o’clock. The reference range of normal human serum material levels is defined by 8 o’clock in the morning. Therefore, it is generally required to take an empty stomach blood from 7:30 to 8:30 in the morning, which should not exceed 11 o’clock at the latest.

Discontinue the medicine for 3 days before physical examination. If antibiotics, vitamin C, diet pills, and contraceptives are taking antibiotics, dosage should be discontinued for 3 days before physical examination. Vitamin C is restored and will interfere with most projects based on the “oxidation reaction”. Patients with chronic diseases (such as hyperthyroidism, hypertension, diabetes, etc.) or postoperative anticoagulant therapy, rashly stopping or postponing medication will cause adverse events, and they should communicate with doctors before physical examination.

Do not exercise violently two days before the physical examination. Motion will lead to elevation of muscle red protein, creatine kinase, change certain hormones, and cause blood sugar, free fatty acids, lactic acid, etc. Blood pressure detection has strict requirements for “calm state”. It is recommended not to exercise severely two days before the physical examination, and do not take a walk 1 hour before the blood collection. Do not walk back and forth before the blood pressure. The team’s physical examination should not talk loudly with friends, but sit quietly and keep emotional stability. Brushing teeth is particularly hard, gum bleeding, and hemorrhoid patients may affect the results of the stool’s potential blood test.

Try not to check liver skills before and after menstruation. The physiological conditions such as menstruation and pregnancy can affect the results of blood testing. Therefore, women’s physical examination is best to avoid the physiological period, especially gynecological examinations, blood routine examinations, and liver function tests. However, sex hormone testing should be selected on the third day of menstruation to reflect the basic level of various indicators in the initial period of follicles.

Avoid drinking a lot of alcohol 3 days before the physical examination. Drinking can affect the examination of triglyceride, transaminase, uric acid, etc., and can also promote the change of blood pressure, cause the heartbeat to accelerate, uneven arrhythmia, and reduce the accuracy of electrocardiogram, passion Doppler ultrasound, and cerebrovascular functional examination. Avoid drinking a lot of alcohol 3 days before the physical examination, do not stick to wine the day before.

The four attitudes are not desirable. The first is to be afraid of radiation and give up imaging examination. Many diseases such as lung cancer and tuberculosis need to rely on radiation examinations to detect. There is no harm to X -ray or CT once a year, except for children, pregnancy and breastfeeding women and pregnant couples. The second is too worried about the problem indicators. Occasionally, some results are not in the normal range once or twice, and it may not be a disease. It is best to consult a specialist. The third is indifferent to the results. As a result, the upper limit of the normal range indicates that the body is rigid, and the living habits must be adjusted. The fourth is not leaving medical reports. It is recommended to leave a report in recent years and dynamically observe the changes in the indicators. Especially those who find the block must observe their growth rate every year. Limbles are thicker, increased uric acid, and bone amount decreases. Potential problems are prompted. ▲

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Yao Haiyan, deputy director of the Health Management Center of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University

Ye Xinping, deputy director of the Health Management Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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