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Before the vaccine, do a check and find a group of hypertension without symptoms and hypertension.

I usually think that my body is good, and I have a physical examination screening before vaccination with the new crown vaccine, and I was surprised that the blood pressure had severely exceeded the standard. In the past few days, Jimu Journalists visited and found that with the promotion of the new crown vaccination work, more and more asymptomatic hypertension patients were discovered, and the crowd was mainly young people. Until the admission was admitted, they did not believe that they had hypertension.

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Yesterday, Jiangcheng experts reminded that asymptomatic hypertension is more terrible and hidden. Once accidents occur, it is recommended that young people should regularly check the blood pressure fluctuations. Once problems are found, they should intervene as soon as possible to avoid damage to organs.

Men found that blood pressure exceeded the standard before vaccination

Mr. Li, 32, worked in Wuchang and made an appointment for a new crown vaccine for the community health center last Monday. After the registration, the doctor measured blood pressure for him. He did not expect to reach 190/140 mm Hg, far exceeding the standard line. The doctor was worried that it might be a excessive hypertension caused by too nervous, so he suggested that he go to sit and rest first. After 15 minutes, Mr. Li measured again, and his blood pressure remained high.

Because the blood pressure is too high, Mr. Li is not suitable for vaccination for the time being. The doctor recommends going to the hospital first, stabilize the blood pressure before vaccination. Mr. Li wondered, “My body is not uncomfortable, how can I get hypertension?”

With questions, Mr. Li went to Hanyang Hospital in Wuhan on April 1 to review. It can be measured again that the blood pressure is still 191/142 mm Hg, which is a severe hypertension. Huang Yupeng, deputy chief physician of the Department of Cardiovascular Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, immediately treated him for admission.

“This is a typical asymptomatic hypertension.” Huang Yupeng said that patients usually do not have a typical symptom of hypertension, and it is difficult to detect if they do not have a physical examination. At present, after a period of medication, Mr. Li’s blood pressure has become stable.

How can you be young? Huang Yupeng informed that it is likely to be related to bad living habits. It turned out that due to work reasons, Mr. Li needs to often fall in the night shift, staying up late becomes a commonplace, and in a high pressure state for a long time, it is easy to induce hypertension.

A number of hypertension is sieved in the new crown vaccine test

“Like Mr. Li, the symptoms are not obvious, and the blood pressure problem is obviously increased when vaccine.” Huang Yupeng, deputy chief physician of the Department of Cardiovascular Department of Cardiovascular Department of Hanyang Hospital, said that from the perspective of the clinic in the past month, this Class patients have increased by about 30 %, and more than 100 patients have been admitted to the hospital for treatment.

Huang Yupeng said that the blood pressure of these patients with treatment is above 180/100 mm Hg. The common characteristics are asymptomatic hypertension, and 8 Chengdu is a male, with age concentrated at 30 to 50 years old. “They rarely pay attention to their blood pressure, and they do not come to the doctor until the screening is found.” Guo Qifeng, deputy dean of the Seventh Hospital of Wuhan City, also said that there are many asymptomatic high -free and high -free high -endless high -endless high -end. Blood pressure, thereby transferred to outpatient examination.

Why does it suffer from hypertension, but there is no symptom? Huang Yupeng explained that “asymptomatic hypertension” is not uncommon clinically. A survey research shows that about 1/4 of patients with more than 110 mm mercury have not realized their blood pressure. This type of blood pressure slowly rises, from mild to moderate to severe, just like “boiled frogs in warm water”, the body can gradually adapt, so even if the blood pressure is already very high, you can’t feel any discomfort.

Young people should be more alert to asymptomatic hypertension

“Don’t think that if you don’t feel your body, you can ignore it.” Yang Guokang, director of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine of Hanyang Hospital in Wuhan City, was worried that if these people do not screen, it is difficult to find out, but its harm is extremely great. The body is in a state of hypertension for a long time without any warning, so that it continues to damage the heart, brain, kidney, and bottom of the eyes. Once an accident occurs, it will cause serious consequences.

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Many young people think that their bodies are good and do not pay attention to physical examinations. Yang Guokang reminded that for young people, if the measurement of more than 140/90 mm Hggiene measured by measuring bleeding pressure, it can be regarded as an abnormal increase. Regardless.

The easiest way is physical examination, or the family’s self -provided blood pressure meter is measured regularly. Experts suggest that adults over 18 years of age measurement at least once every 2 years; those over 35 years of age measurement of blood pressure and unstable blood pressure, measured 1 to 2 times a day. Before determining the need to treat drugs, we must first improve the bad lifestyle, quit smoking, control weight, control blood sugar, stay up late, slow down the rhythm of life and work, and follow the guidance of doctors for treatment.

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