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Between husband and wife, why most husbands died better than their wives, these three factors are “culprit”

A person’s life will meet a variety of people, but in the end, it can be accompanied by the old, probably only husband and wife.Naturally the law of birth, sickness, and death, but if you are old, do you want to go first or your wife first?

For this question, there are two answers, but the reasons are different.

1. Which one is more painful to walk first and live?

Living is a torment

The neighbor’s grandmother Zhang has been silent since the death of his wife. In addition to cooking for his son’s family every day, he also depends on his daughter -in -law’s face. Without a private space, he cannot refute his blame.Because of his wife’s absence, his son and daughter -in -law had no basic respect, and he called Grandma Zhang.

Grandma Zhang often recalls the time of his wife, simple and warm.But now leaving her alone is lonely, but a kind of suffering.

There is hope for life

Grandma Qin faced life alone, but felt relieved.Because Grandma Qin’s wife did not take care of his wife and children when he was young, he became ill shortly after retirement, so that Grandma Qin never felt the warmth he gave.

Not only that, the wife who is sick in bed can’t do anything. Grandma Qin has to take care of him. He is not allowed to have his own free time. Sometimes he feels that he is living for others.

Now he goes by himself, and Grandma Qin also relieved. No matter how the next day is, he belongs to himself. Cherish this last time. After all, you can feel the beauty of life.

Live in pain

Grandma Yan was not very good when she was young. My wife always wanted to exercise with Grandma Yan to strengthen her body. This can extend their lives and take care of each other.Because there is no early warning cancer, he took away the more tough wife.

From the onset to treatment to the death, the whole process was only a few months, so that Grandma Yan’s psychology could not bear it at all.After my wife left, although Grandma Yan kept the living habits of the two, she insisted on exercising and cooking every day, just like my wife was still with herself, but this pain has always been accompanied by herself.

As long as you calm down, the thought of his wife will surge.

2. In his later years, why do men always go early?

1. Family burden

Men often take the position of the pillar in their families, so the burden of economic pressure is also on men. At this time, it brings a double burden on physical and mental.In order to live the grace of parental care, to afford the cost of life of the children, and to face the pressure of his wife in the middle. In addition to work, there is a heavy psychological burden in one day.

Because of this, many men chose to use smoke and alcohol to relieve mental stress, and to a certain extent, they would cause a lot of harm to the body.

2. Cumbry damage

Because men’s strength is much stronger than women, both life and work are easy to become “bitterness”, which will inevitably cause physical harm, and some will cause internal injuries, such as strain and fracture.Internal injuries will slowly accumulate into old injuries without paying attention to the state, causing pain in old age.

3. Family complaint

Men are the lubricants in the relationship between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law. On the one hand, they must accept their mother’s accusations on their daughter -in -law. On the one hand, they must listen to the complaints of their daughter -in -law’s complaints on their mother. The double burden is pressed on the male, and it needs to ease the tension between the two sides.

It is the most laborious thing to adjust the relationship between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law, and it is also necessary to solve it. The challenge to brain power is particularly great.Those who are not good at dealing with the relationship between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law will also suffer a lot of challenges. People with long -term depression and emotional fluctuations will naturally weaken the resistance to the disease.

Being able to accompany the old couple, whether it is life or psychological, depends on each other.As long as in his later years, one person leaves this world first, and the other life will instantly lose color.

Many elderly people lived in their children’s house, but they still felt lonely, and even slowly lost the meaning of life. They gradually had problems with their bodies, and they had no instinct to survive.

Therefore, you must not always learn and face this fact, and open a new chapter in life to meet your life with a smile.

Third, my wife walks early, how can I spend the rest of my life?

Faced with the pain of his wife’s first death, the person who is alive must learn to be relieved. Only with the relief in your heart can you accept new things more frankly in all aspects.Especially the two who have a good relationship with my wife, we must learn to be relieved of life and death, otherwise it is easy to cause psychological diseases and finally lead to torture.

Go out and see other lives, such as the beauty of plants and animals in nature.Learn to find the beauty of life in your hobbies, such as singing, flower arrangement, calligraphy, Tai Chi, etc. These can be very disperse with sad emotions.

In fact, men have a lot to do with mental stress and living habits, so they need to pay attention to maintenance in all aspects.After entering his old age, you need to distinguish from the trivial matters to find your own hobbies.

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