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Beware of the four misunderstandings of the summer exercise

Misunderstanding 1: The darker the color of the sunglasses can protect the eyes.

In fact, too deep lens color will affect the eyesight of the eyes, so the eyes are easily damaged.The lens of the summer sunglasses should be able to penetrate 30%of visible light. It is better to use gray and green, because these colors can not only resist ultraviolet rays, but also the best vision clarity.

Misunderstanding 2: The less you wear clothes, the cooler the more cool.

In fact, naked skin can only increase the skin’s conduction heat dissipation when the skin temperature is higher than the ambient temperature; and when the temperature is close or exceeds the skin temperature, the skin can not only dissipate heat, but will absorb calories from the external environment.

Misunderstanding 3: Drinking beer during travel can relieve heat.

In fact, the human body sweats more during summer exercise and is prone to fatigue. If you continue to drink beer again, the “hot” feeling caused by alcohol will make thirst and sweat, thereby reducing human thinking.Therefore, it is best to drink more active and vitamin drinks to quench thirst and heat up.

Misunderstanding 4: Use drinks instead of Baikaishui is good for health.

Drinks such as soda, juice, cola, etc. contain more sugar essence and electrolytes.These substances will cause adverse stimulation of the stomach, affect digestion and appetite, such as a large amount of drinking, which will also increase the burden on kidney filtration and affect kidney function.Therefore, it is not advisable to drink more drinks during summer exercise, and it is best to drink boiled water, especially children and the elderly. You should drink less drinks and drink water.

(Editor in charge: Chen Shaopeng Intern Editor: Li Ziyan)

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