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“Big sugar -raised households” are stubborn, 3 kinds of foods may increase blood sugar, and you must hold your mouth if you like to eat.

“No matter how serious, you may not be able to keep your feet.” The doctor said in a word, and Lao Li was afraid of it after hearing it.

Old Li has been suffering from diabetes for many years and is a senior “sugar friend”. Since suffering from diabetes, he has been taking medicine to control blood sugar. Condition control is ideal, Lao Li relaxed his vigilance, not only stopped the medicine without authorization, but also diet at will.

One year ago, Lao Li developed the symptoms of intermittent clamping, but he thought he might be age, his legs and feet began to be unfavorable, and he didn’t care.

Until a while ago, Lao Li found that his foot was a “chicken eye”. The pain was particularly strong when he walked with the eyes of the chicken eyes, so Lao Li found a restaurant in front of the house to repair the chicken eyes.

What he did not expect was that after repairing the chicken’s eyes, his foot appeared abnormal ulcers, and with the extension of the time, the condition continued to deteriorate, and the wound could not heal for a long time. Stinky pus, unbearable pain.

This made Lao Li feel that the situation was wrong. After going to the hospital after the lower limb arterial ultrasound examination, he was told that he suffered from diabetes foot. Fortunately, it was not too late. Do not cut off the severe ulceration toes.

The old Li felt very scared, but it was just a chicken eye, and he even took such a serious problem. If you continue to deteriorate, you may not be able to keep your feet.

1. Jama’s latest: The preliminary incidence of diabetes and diabetes has exceeded 50%!

Diabetes refers to the abnormally elevated blood glucose value in the body, and blood glucose is glucose that exists in our blood.

After intake of food, people will digest and decompose the glucose ingredients in the food. At this time, the body will secrete insulin to help keep blood sugar stable. Diabetes patients have a deficiency in the body, which causes blood glucose to not be balanced, so that blood glucose continues to rise.

Poor blood glucose control for a long time, which is likely to cause ketoic acid poisoning and hypertonic coma during acute elevation. It may also cause retinopathy cataracts, cerebrovascular lesions, and bleeding, which seriously threatened the safety of patients.

A study published by the Liande Medical Journal JAMA on Chinese diabetes pointed out that the prevalence and preliminary prevalence of adult diabetes in Chinese adults rose about 4 percentage points in five years!

The number of diseases of diabetic patients in my country has continued to rise. In the 5 years from 2013 to 2018, the prevalence of diabetic patients in my country increased from 10.9%to 12.4%. It reached 38.1%in 2018, and the total number of pre -diabetes and the total number of diabetic patients was as high as 50.5%.

The current situation of diabetes in my country cannot be underestimated, but the awareness and treatment rate of diabetic patients are not enough.

Second, the blood sugar is high, the feet know? 4 kinds of foot changes appear, remind you to reduce sugar in time

When diabetes strikes, there will be some abnormal signal performance, and the four changes in the foot must be vigilant.

Itching of the foot skin: Itching on the foot may be caused by fungal infection, but it may also be that the blood sugar in the body is too high. When the blood glucose is abnormal, it will cause the feet nerve to be stimulated, which will cause abnormal itching symptoms.

Foots are often cold and numb: Rising blood glucose abnormalities will cause damage to blood vessels, and will cause blood circulation in the lower limbs to be blocked. When the foot cannot obtain sufficient blood supply, it is prone to symptoms of numbness and cold feet, and symptoms will occur even when they are not oppressed or warm.


The toenails turn black: Under normal circumstances, our foot nails should be pink, but some patients suffering from diabetes, due to the blocked blood circulation in the body, cause abnormal blockage of the limbs. The color of the nails will be abnormal. black.

Indirect lameness: High blood glucose can cause blood circulation of the lower limbs. When the foot cannot get sufficient blood, there will be abnormal lame performance when walking. With the development of the disease, the frequency of lameness will become higher and higher, and it cannot be relieved after rest.

Third, “sugar -raising staple food” is scooped out. Three kinds of staple foods wearing “coarse grains” coat may increase blood sugar to increase blood sugar

Everyone knows that the daily diet of diabetic patients needs to be controlled, otherwise it is difficult to control blood sugar even after taking the medicine, but some so -called hypoglycemic foods may be “IQ tax”.

Including “whole wheat” bread, coarse grain buns, and nutritional oatmeal, three kinds of staple foods in “coarse grains” coat.

All -wheat bread is a bread made of all -wheat flour removed with bran and wheat embryos. This kind of bread has a deeper color and rough color. The taste is not as good as ordinary bread.

However, many whole wheat breads on the market are “improved version”, but a little full wheat flour is added. When buying whole wheat bread, you must learn to see the ingredients. If you add more sugar, etc., you are not recommended to buy;

Many coarse grain buns sold on the market may not be made of real coarse grains, but made of fine grains+pigments, or adding a small amount of coarse grain powder to the flour. In addition, the merchant in order to ensure that the taste will be there will Add a large amount of sugar, this kind of food is obviously not suitable for diabetic patients. If you find that coarse grains are delicate, note that this may be fake coarse grains.

Oatmeal is also a coarse grain choice for many people, but now there are many so -called “nutrition oatmeal” on the market, which adds ingredients such as dried fruits and nuts. In fact, this type of oatmeal contains high sugar, and the nutrition of oatmeal itself will also be lost in fine processing, and it is easy to cause blood sugar to rise after consumption.


Fourth, how to prevent diabetic feet or worsening? Keep in mind 3 o’clock

For diabetic patients, in addition to paying attention to daily diet, you also need to pay attention to these details in order to help better prevent diabetic foot.

1. The most important point is to take medicine regularly and quantitatively daily. At the same time, it can control the blood glucose in the stable range. This can prevent many complications, including diabetic feet.

2. Patients need to check their feet every day in daily life. When they find that wounds or abnormal collapses in the feet, it is best to deal with it in time. It is best to go to the hospital for treatment. Essence In addition, it is best not to soak their feet in daily life, because their perception of temperature is poor and it is easy to burn.

3. Pay attention to the choice of good breathability and high comfort in life in life, avoiding the feet in a state of opaque or squeezing, which is not good for protecting the health of the foot.

Diabetes is a chronic disease. Once you find the disease, you must actively cooperate with the doctor for treatment, and at the same time cooperate with the condition of life. Patients must fully recognize the importance of controlling blood sugar, do not stop medicine without authorization, and find abnormal medical treatment in time. Patients with diabetes foot should not be applied at will after ulceration, avoiding more and more serious consequences.

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