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Blood glucose buy a “low sugar rice cooker”, you have been fooled again

From soda, milk tea, and cakes, healthy people are currently prevailing in a trend of ‘quit sugar’, and this trend of ‘abstain from sugar’ spreads to rice.

“High blood glucose, fear of fat, and sugar … I will love rice in the future!”

The merchants sensitively felt the emotions of the candy abstinence, and launched the “low -sugar rice cooker” in a timely manner and marketing: “It can effectively reduce 70%of sugar in rice when steaming rice!”



Even if the two bowls of rice are grilled, there is no bowl of rice sugar steamed from ordinary rice cookers? This seems to be the gospel of diabetic patients and people who lose weight!

As a result, although the price of low sugar rice cookers exceeds the 2000 yuan mark, it is far from the price of 200 yuan ordinary rice cooker, and it does not prevent consumers from placing orders crazy.

So how does this low sugar electric rice cooker steam low sugar rice? Can this rice cooker really reduce blood sugar?

1. Low sugar rice cooker can indeed reduce the sugar content in rice

In 2020, the Consumer Council of Guangdong Province compared the low -sugar rice cookers of 20 different brands. The results showed that most low -sugar rice cookers could reduce the content of sugar in rice. [1]

Ordinary rice cooker steamed rice is cooked with rice with water. Different from the ordinary rice cooker, the bottom of the desalinated rice cooker is covered with leakage holes in the inside of the sulfur cooker, and a box that collects rice soup is added below.

When the low -sugar rice cooker is working, first steam the rice to half cooked, then filter the rice soup, and finally steam the remaining rice. This filtered rice soup will take away most of the starch in rice, that is, sugar. Remove it can have the effect of “hypoglycemic”.

However, this method is no longer novel.

Second, can you reduce human blood sugar after eating this low sugar rice?

1. Reduce the sugar content of rice, and it cannot reduce blood sugar

Although low sugar rice cookers can remove a part of the sugar in the rice through draining rice soup, reducing the sugar content of rice may not be able to reduce the blood sugar of the human body!

In fact, there is no food that can reduce blood sugar. As long as you eat foods that can break down glucose and starch, the blood sugar will rise, but the degree is just high.

Even if the low -sugar rice cooker is really promoting, it is as promoted to reduce 70%of the sugar in the rice, but the other part of the starch will be digested and decomposed into glucose, causing the body’s blood sugar to rise.

Therefore, as long as rice is eaten, blood sugar will rise. The rice cooker that is open and does not rise for blood sugar, and the rice cooker that can cook such anti -scientific rice does not exist.

2. Filter the rice soup, and also filter out the beneficial substance

The rice soup was filtered with rice soup to remove the sugar, and at the same time, the water -soluble vitamins, minerals and some active ingredients in the rice soup were removed, which caused the loss of nutrients. Then it will cause adverse effects on human health, and even cause certain nutrients or chronic diseases.

3. Instead of talking about “sugar” color changes, it is better to match it reasonably

For ordinary people, it is unscientific and unhealthy for the behavior of eating food and other staple foods such as rice.

Because sugar is an important energy material for many human organs such as the brain, do not eat staple foods such as rice may lead to insufficient brain energy supply, and problems such as decreased memory, endocrine disorders, fatigue, and decreased resistance.

Rather than talking about “sugar” color changes, it is better to use corn, miscellaneous beans, brown rice, buckwheat and other coarse grains to replace refined rice as much as possible. The rich dietary fiber in coarse grains can be “tightly held” sugar during gastrointestinal digestion. Class to reduce and delay its digestion, and at the same time provides rich vitamins and minerals for the body. This is the real health choice.

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<!-2586: Diabetic terminal page

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