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Blood sugar rises, sleep prophet?Reminder: Regardless of men and women, there are 3 symptoms of sleeping, you need to be vigilant

Li Ke is 26 years old and usually likes to drink milk tea. Sometimes he has to drink several cups of milk tea a day.

One day during work, Li Ke suddenly had symptoms such as dizziness and abdominal pain. It was really uncomfortable. He quickly asked his colleagues to accompany him to the hospital and was diagnosed with explosive diabetes.

After the doctor’s consultation, Li Ke’s diabetes was inseparable from her love to drink milk tea.

First, how is the human blood sugar “out of control”?

Diabetes can be said to be a very common disease for middle -aged and elderly people. In recent years, young people are not stared at by diabetes. How can the human body’s blood sugar out of control?

Diabetes is generally due to insufficient insulin secretion in the body or using obstacles, which causes a series of symptoms of protein, carbohydrates, and fat metabolism in the body, which causes disorders.

Diabetic patients are generally manifested in blood glucose exceeding standards, and they can be divided into type 1 and 2 types. The main causes of onset are genetic factors and bad lifestyles. Type 1 diabetes is mainly young people. It accounts for less than 1%of diabetic patients. Generally, symptoms such as decreased weight loss, urine, drinking, and eclipse. Type 2 diabetes is mainly adults, accounting for more than 95%. Generally, there are symptoms such as abdominal obesity, drinking, and urine.

2. There are 3 abnormalities when sleeping, which may be that blood sugar has increased

Many diabetic patients have been discovered during the medical examination. Some people do not even know that their blood glucose has exceeded the standard, but in fact, diabetes is signal. If the following abnormalities appear during sleep, it is likely that the blood glucose is rising.

1. Sleep disorder

Many patients with diabetes in middle -aged and elderly people have certain sleep disorders, and most of them are accompanied by sleep apnea. If you always feel tired during the day, and snoring a snoring sound at night, it is best to perform blood sugar test quickly.

2. Disclosure of vision abnormalities

The variation of vagueness or sudden vision is likely to be caused by the rise of blood sugar and the fluid in the body changes. It is best to detect whether the blood sugar is normal in time.

3. Itchy legs, hands and feet, etc.

If the skin is found to be abnormally dry, itchy hands and feet, calves, and smearing moisturizing products are invalid, it may be a signal issued by the rise of blood sugar.


Third, diabetes “eat” sugar?

Many people have a misunderstanding that diabetes is eaten by sugar. In fact, this statement is not right. After all, there are many reasons for causing diabetes.

Genetics, drug effects, immune defects, obesity, environmental factors, childbirth, mental stimuli and other factors may induce diabetes, and eating sugar is only a kind of unhealthy living habits.

People like sedentary, excessive pressure, family history of diabetic family, abdominal obesity, and pre -history history of diabetes are high -risk groups of diabetes. These people must be vigilant.

Does that mean that you can’t eat sugar and fruits if you get diabetes? Of course not, as long as the blood glucose control of diabetic patients is well controlled, and the premise of ensuring the nutritional balance of diet, in fact, you can still eat a little sugar and fruits, but it is best not to eat too much, and try to choose fruits with a lower sugar index lower than the sugar index. Essence At the same time, sugar -free foods should not be eaten at will. After all, it contains a large amount of starch, which will also decompose glucose, which will cause blood sugar to rise.

Patients with diabetes do not necessarily like to eat sugar. It is likely to be caused by factors such as genetic, unhealthy living habits, and obesity. Blood glucose must be paid attention to, and actively control it to ensure a comprehensive nutritional balance. If the blood glucose is stable, you can also eat some fruits and sugar appropriately.

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