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Blood tubeitis and pneumonia, are you still unclear?

As we all know, one of the main symptoms of bronchitis and pneumonia is cough, which can cause patients to breathe shortness and breathing. Although most of them are very similar to most people, they still have fundamental differences.


Bronchitis is an acute or chronic non -specific inflammation of the bronchial mucosa caused by biological or non -biological factors.


Pneumonia refers to the infectious inflammation of alveoli, remote airways and lung quality.

Different positions

The onset of bronchitis is located in the bronchial or bronchies outside the lungs, and the pneumonia lesions are located in the lungs.

Different causes

Bronchitis is caused by biological and non -biological factors. Biological factors include virus infections, bacterial infections, mycoplasma infections, chlamydia infections, and immunity. Non -biological factors include seasonal changes, cold air, dust, and irritating gases. Pneumonia is caused by lung infection. Most of the pneumonia is related to bacteria. For example, pneumoniac bacteria, a small number of patients with pneumonia are caused by the virus.

Different symptoms

Bronchitis is low, generally lower than 38.3 ° C. Pneumonia is usually related to fever, and the fever temperature is high. Compared with bronchitis, pneumonia patients have more severe symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, and asthma. X -ray examination is a good way to diagnose pneumonia and eliminate bronchitis.

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Different treatment

Blood tubeitis is the main purpose of alleviating symptoms and improves the symptoms of tractitis. The period of acute bronchitis can be used in accordance with the doctor’s order, such as antibiotics, phlegm drugs, bronchial dilatation drugs, and atomized therapy.

Pneumonia needs to be determined by pathogenic bacteria and use targeted antibiotics or other drugs.

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