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BMJ: Milk powder “inner roll” is also here!Seven RCT and national education data analysis Answer you: Will the improvement formula make the baby smarter?

As we all know, breastfeeding is the best for infant nutrition and has a variety of health benefits to babies and mothers. However, in many high and medium -income countries, breastfeeding rates and continuous breastfeeding rates for more than 6 weeks are very low. Baby recipe milk powder (breast milk substitution) is widely used to supplement or replace breastfeeding, which may be the only source of nutrition for the first six months of the baby. Therefore, optimizing the ingredients of these products to meet nutritional needs, reduce breastfeeding and formula feeding babies’ adverse effects on health results is an important public health issue. However, have improved formula milk powder has improved the baby’s cognition? Some researchers conducted 7 random control tests.

All seven tests are randomly controlled double -blind advantages test conducted by the author. Participants were recruited in the UK from August 11, 1993 to October 29, 2001. The first letter of the seven tests describes the improvement of formula milk powder and the infant group. In this study, by connecting the data collected by the national student database regularly, the participants were tracked, and the academic performance differences between adolescents that randomly selected formula milk powder or standard formula milk powder during infants were compared.

Definition of trial shrinkage:

NEP = Nutritional premature infant formula milk powder

NetSGA = Born in full moon and less nutritious and full -moon formula milk powder

LCPUFAP = premature infant formula milk powder, add long -chain polyunsaturated fatty acid (0.17%22 carbonic acid+0.31%peanitic acid), suitable for premature babies

LCPUFAT = full moon baby formula milk powder, add long -chain polyunsaturated fatty acid (0.32%22 carbonic acid+0.30%peanitic acid)

IRONT = long -term follow -up formula milk powder with high iron content

(12 mg/liter) for babies born in full moon

Palmt = full moon baby formula milk powder, containing 50%SN-2 palmate

Nucleotide = full moon baby formula milk powder, add 31 mg/L nucleotide

In the end, a total of 1,763 teenagers (425 premature births, 299 full -month and less than fetal age, 1039 were born) participated in this experiment. The data shows that no improved formula milk powder has any benefits to the mathematical examination performance at the age of 16: after discharge, premature babies are rich in nutrition, standard deviation score of 0.02, less nutritional than the fetal age full -moon child; The LCPUFA added by Yue’er is 0.14; the full-moon baby contains the follow-up formula of 0.12; the formula milk powder with SN-2 palmate is 0.09 (0.37 to 0.19). The participants of the nucleotide test are too young to take the general secondary education certificate (GCSE) test when they are linked to school data.

There are no differences in the secondary result of nutritional, high-speed rail, SN-2 palmate or nucleotide supplement formula milk powder, but at the age of 11, premature babies and full-month participants who are randomly selected to add LCPUFA formula milk powder The score is low.

According to the test and test group, the classification distribution at the age of 16 (complete case information)

In general, evidence from these random control tests shows that compared with standard baby formula milk powder, the improvement of baby formula milk powder does not promote long -term cognitive benefits.

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