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Body determines life?Studies have found that people with thick necks may be missed with longevity

Mr. Shen is 26 years old and is a staff member of a company in Hangzhou. Previously, the unit organized a medical examination. He was found to have thyroid nodules, but he didn’t care.



It wasn’t until later that he had symptoms such as sore throat, hoarse sound, and thickened neck, and he realized the seriousness of the problem, and quickly went to the hospital for imaging examination.

The final examination results found that the thyroid gland permented and multiple nodules, and the puncture results showed the Phase T4 stage of the malignant tumor.

Doctors said that Mr. Shen’s recurrence possibility of recurrence after surgery is relatively high, and it will greatly reduce the quality of life.Mr. Shen regretted that he could have seized the best treatment time, but eventually caused serious consequences because of his negligence.

1. People with thick necks may be missed with longevity

Some people say that people with thick necks may miss the longevity. Is it true?

Studies have found that thickening of the neck is related to abdominal obesity.The research team of the Endocrinology Metabolism Department of the Sixth People’s Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, with an average of 2.1 years of follow-up of Shanghai residents aged at the age of 24-80.

Researchers have found that 26%of people have a thickened neck of more than 5%, but the visceral fat tissue changes greater than or less than 2.5%compared with the neck circumference.For people with abdominal obesity, the thicker neck circumference, the greater the risk of abdominal obesity.Specifically, every 5%thicker neck circumference, the risk of abdominal obesity will increase by 36%.

In short, the thicker the neck, the more subcutaneous fat, the more fat storage on the body of the human body, and the greater the risk of health.

In addition, people with thick necks also face many diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, hyperuricemia, diabetes, fatty liver, cardiopulmonary endurance, thyroid disease, sleep apnea, etc.

So, what is the healthiest neck circumference?Generally speaking, men are 38 cm and women 35 cm are normal neck circumference.

If it exceeds the normal value, it means that the lower skin of the neck or the amount of fat around the respiratory tract increases, and it needs to be intervened in time.Usually we can measure our neck fence at any time. The method is very simple: putting the tape on the seventh cervical spine, that is, the upper edge of the most protruding part of the neck and the bottom of the throat.

Second, 3 changes appear around the neck, be alert to the possibility of cancer

When there is cancer in the body, the neck will have obvious symptoms, and you should be vigilant:

1. The neck becomes thicker and swollen

The neck becomes thicker and swollen, which may be related to the stimulating lymph nodes of cancer cells.Lymph nodes are all over the body, and when they are infected, inflammatory or cancer, lymphadenopathy can cause lymphadenopathy.

2. The neck becomes black

The skin of the neck becomes darkened, rough, and multiple skin and rashes occur at the same time, which may be related to the black vertical disease caused by malignant tumors.

3. Moles appear

Melanoma is a deadly skin cancer. Once it spreads, it is difficult to treat, which greatly reduces survival opportunities.Data show that more than 70%of melanoma develops newly growing moles, and only about 29%of melanoma comes from existing moles.

Therefore, for people with moles, if the mole grows on the soles of the soles, palms, and behind the neck, there are more moles, irregular shapes of moles, or particularly white skin, and moles have suddenly increased, and the appearance of moles suddenly increases, and the appearance of moles suddenly increases, and the mole has suddenly increased.The color of the color and the ulceration and bleeding should be vigilant and beware of melanoma.

Third, the four size of the body “qualified”, or longer life

The figure can reflect a person’s health, so the neck is thick and the belly is large … not only fat, but also a health problem.So, what sizes of the body will affect health and life?

1. Weight index

The body quality index, that is, BMI, is equal to weight (kg) except the square height (meter) square.If the BMI index is between 18.5-24, it is a normal range.The BMI is over 24, the BMI is more than 28 as obesity, and the BMI exceeds 35 as a morbid obesity.

2. waist circumference

The waist and abdomen are one of the easiest parts of fat, and it is also a concentrated land of important organs such as kidney, pancreas, and liver. Once it exceeds normal indicators, it means that high blood pressure, fatty liver, diabetes and other risks are prone to occur.

Generally speaking, men <85 cm, female <80 cm is a normal waist circumference.Waist circumference method: The body is upright, the arms are naturally drooping, breathing smoothly, and the leather tape level is surrounded by the waist 1 lap along the upper edge of the navel and below the rib.

3. waist and hip ratio

Studies have found that people with thin waist fat hips have lower risk of metabolic -related chronic diseases and longer life.Men’s waist and hip ratio is between 0.85-0.9. Women are between 0.75-0.8, which is a normal range, and too high or too low will increase the risk of death.Waist -hip ratio = waist circumference/hip circumference.

4. Physical fat rate

The body fat rate refers to the percentage of fat in the body, and too high or too low will affect health.Men> 25%, women> 30%are high, which will increase the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary heart disease and other diseases.Men <5%, women <13%are low, which can easily lead to physical dysfunction.

Finally, remind everyone that if you want to stay away from the fat belly and thick neck, keep in mind a few points:

① Develop healthy living habits, rules of work and rest, stay up late, and ensure sufficient sleep;

② Adhere to moderate exercise, choose anaerobic exercise, muscle enhancement exercise, etc. depending on personal circumstances to reduce the accumulation of abdominal fat;

③ Learn to manage emotions and maintain a happy mood.If you are in a bad mood, you are prone to overeating. It will also increase the risk of inflammatory infection and cause fat accumulation.

The body shape is a healthy barometer. Whether it is a thick neck or a big belly, it is a healthy red light, which needs to be paid attention to.If you have a healthy body, you must eat a healthy diet, exercise moderately, adjust your emotions, etc., so that you can stay away from obesity and stay away from disease.


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