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Breakfast determines your life: no matter how hungry in the morning, don’t choose 3 kinds of food for breakfast

Speaking of whether you should eat breakfast, you can also talk about it.

Xiao Jiu himself is “three meals a day”, and breakfast will be eaten on time; however, Xiao Jiu also has several friends who never eat breakfast, saying that it is the case from small to large, and there is no discomfort, saving time saving more money.

Xiao Jiu also asked questions in the reader’s group, and many people said that they had never eaten breakfast:

“My relatives have a meal for more than thirty years, lunch, and eating fruit at night. I call weight every morning.

“I don’t eat breakfast and stomach pain, because I fix it! But I don’t have to eat it at 11 o’clock!”

“I’m 26, I have never had breakfast, and I have no appetite in the morning. If I have breakfast, I ca n’t eat lunch at all, and I do n’t make it.”

So, is this breakfast really available?

1. Most young people do not have breakfast habits

At present, the research on the situation of breakfast in China is mostly limited to students. The research on the factors of the breakfast intake of office workers is relatively rare. In order to understand the breakfast intake of the office workers and their influencing factors, domestic scholars have conducted a investigation. Essence

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The survey found that women who insist on eating breakfast daily account for 36.7%, and only 24.8%of men. Breakfast frequency of breakfast for women over 30 years of age, women and married people is relatively high, and the average monthly income and cultural level have no effect on the frequency of breakfast. The main reason may be that women’s entertainment is relatively small, older people live. Law, there is a good habit of eating breakfast, the factors that married office workers are affected by the family, and their diets are constrained.

There are many reasons why young office workers do not eat breakfast, of which 50.2%of them are eaten together because of early meals, and 41.4%of people do not eat morning because they have no time. Other people are mainly because they are not convenient to buy, have no habit of eating breakfast, diet to lose weight, and save money without eating breakfast. It can be seen that the main thing that did not eat breakfast was because of the early meal together. Due to the late sleep, it was not time to eat for breakfast because of the late sleep, causing early meal to eat. Therefore, irregular work and rest habits have a lot to do with young office workers who do not eat breakfast.

Studies have shown that long -term do not eat breakfast can lead to thinness, malnutrition and various diseases. Among the investigators, 2/3 people do not eat breakfast symptoms of dizziness, stomach pain and palpitations. Some people do not eat breakfast but do not feel because the body has adapted, and it does not have an impact on the body.

2. What changes do you have in your body if you do n’t eat breakfast?

Breakfast has an important impact on the blood glucose level of the human body. Breakfast without breakfast or uneven nutrition to maintain blood sugar at a low level, the human body will have a sense of hunger, and the attention is difficult to concentrate. At the same time, not eating breakfast will increase the chance of suffering from some diseases:

Do not eat breakfast risk of overweight or obesity

Many young people think that they can lose weight not to eat breakfast. In fact, most studies have shown that not eating breakfast can not only lose weight, but also increase weight, and regular breakfast is more conducive to controlling weight. In the NHANES study from 1999 to 2002, it was found that compared with people who do not eat breakfast, the risk of overweight/obesity at a regularized breakfast decreased by 31%.

Do not eat breakfast to increase the risk of suffering from other metabolic diseases

Not to eat breakfast is also related to high blood pressure, fat metabolism disorders and metabolic syndrome. A multi -centered queue study found that 3598 young people had a 18 -year follow -up survey and found that compared with people who eat breakfast often, people who eat breakfast every day not only have a significant decrease in weight, but also suffer from high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome. The risk is also lower.

Do not eat breakfast and increase the risk of type 2 diabetes

Not eating breakfast is also related to damage to sugar metabolism, including elevated blood glucose and high blood sugar after meals throughout the day. Recently, many forward -looking studies have shown that not eating breakfast will increase the risk of diabetes. Especially the risk of type 2 diabetes increases by 21%. At the same time, not eating breakfast is not conducive to controlling blood glucose in diabetes.

It is easy to cause constipation without eating breakfast for a long time

The human body needs to conduct metabolism activities through the stomach. If you do not eat breakfast often, it is easy to break the normal metabolic law of the human body and cause the stomach to have problems, which will indirectly lead to constipation.

3. How to eat a healthy breakfast?

Overall, Xiao Jiu still recommends that you develop the habit of eating breakfast. So the question is, what breakfast is good?

First of all, some unhealthy breakfast should be eaten less:

· Fried breakfast and other fried breakfast

When choosing breakfast, pay attention to choosing light and easy -to -digest foods, and pay attention to avoid fried foods such as fritters, oil cakes, burgers, etc. as breakfast. These foods not only have high calories, but also contain too much saturated fatty acids and carcinogens.


Some people have no time to eat breakfast, so they use snacks instead of snacks, such as chocolate, biscuits, etc. These snacks can only provide a certain amount of calories for the body, but there is almost no nutrition, and a large amount of sugar will damage the brain.

· Excessive or acidic food

If you eat too spicy or acidic foods in the morning, it is easy to cause strong stimulation to the intestinal wall and gastric mucosa, which causes discomfort such as stomach pain. In particular, people with gastrointestinal ulcers should pay more attention.

Second, to ensure nutritional balance.

The dietary guide of residents in our country proposes that daily diet should include food, vegetables and fruits, soy nuts, and livestock poultry fish and eggs. Similarly, a good breakfast with sufficient nutrition should also be based on the potato, and the types of food should be diversified. In a good breakfast, it is recommended to increase the intake of milk, beans, and vegetables and fruits, and provide sufficient energy, vitamins, calcium, zinc, iron and other minerals for the human body to meet the needs of the work. At the same time, pay attention to reducing fat photography Input, preventing diseases caused by overcurrent nutritional surplus such as obesity and hyperlipidemia. Breakfast, as the first meal of daily, is very important for human health. No matter how busy, you must develop a good habit of eating breakfast every day, and pay attention to the nutritional balance of breakfast.

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