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Breast cancer chemotherapy real -life pictures


Breast cancer refers to a malignant tumor formed by the proliferation of breast epithelium tissue.

Chemotherapy usually refers to the treatment of chemical anti -cancer drugs under the professional guidance of doctors to kill cancer cells.


Breast cancer chemotherapy real -life pictures

Patients with breast cancer are mainly local symptoms such as breast lumps, nipples and areola changes, breast skin changes, nipples and other symptoms. In advanced cancer cells can be metastasized to other organs of the body.Development, lymph nodes are gradually integrated, and they are adhesive and fixed with skin and surrounding tissues.In addition, the lymph nodes of cancer cells can be metastasized to the collarbone and the opposite armpit may occur in advanced breast cancer.

Precautions for chemotherapy

Pay attention to the dietary rules during the chemotherapy of breast cancer, pay attention to rest, and closely observe the physical changes. If there is no suitable time, it should be treated in time.Patients with breast cancer need to pay attention to supplementing nutrition during chemotherapy, mainly with light and easy -to -digest foods, and appropriately supplement high protein diet and vitamins.In addition, patients’ resistance will decrease during breast cancer chemotherapy. Pay attention to warmth in life and prevent colds.

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