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Breast cancer honeycomb picture


Breast cancer honeycomb is the result of the color Doppler ultrasound test. It refers to the uneven echo of the breast ultrasound and the boundary is unclear, like a honeycomb.

Most women’s breast cellular nest refers to breast hyperplasia or breast fibroma, which rarely develops into breast cancer.


Breast cancer honeycomb picture

Breast cancer is caused by misunderstanding of breast epithelial cell proliferation out of control.At present, the cause of the disease is unknown, but the genetic factors, the young and early menstrual tide, the late menopause, and the short breast lactation time are all high -risk factors for breast cancer.


Patients have abnormal breast masses, overflow, and breast skin abnormalities in the early days.Essence may occur in the middle and late stages, manifested as weight loss, loss of appetite, anemia, fatigue and fever, and even metastasis.


Surgical treatment should be performed in time, and chemical drug treatment, endocrine therapy and targeted therapy should be combined in the middle and late stages.

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