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Breast cystic hyperplasia pictures


Breast cyst hyperplasia is the main characteristics of the cysts formed by the height of breast lobular, small ducts, and end ducts. At the same time, it is accompanied by some other diseases with adverse diseases. Doctors can choose the appropriate treatment method according to the patient’s specific condition.


Breast cystic hyperplasia pictures

Breast cystic hyperplasia is due to the disorders of estrogen and progesterone ratio, which causes excessive hyperplasia of the mammary glands and the incomplete disease.


Patients are mainly manifested as one or bilateral breast pain and lumps. They can be accompanied by tenderness, unclear in the boundary of the surrounding breast tissue, and can also be manifested as diffuse thickening.


Under the guidance of doctors, drugs such as small gold pills, red gold node capsules can be treated to improve symptoms.If the symptoms are severe, it is recommended to see the doctor in time, and the clinician decides whether to treat it.


It is recommended that patients keep indoor air circulation. When the air quality is better, windows can be opened to ventilate.Pay attention to keep warm when opening the window to prevent cold and avoid densely closed places such as shopping malls.

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