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Breast hyperplasia grading standard diagram


Breast hyperplasia can generally be divided into level 0-6 according to the results of the examination. Grade 0-3 prompts benign, and level 4 prompts malignant possibilities, and level 5 prompts malignant possibilities. Level 6 indicates that breast cancer has been diagnosed.

Grading standards

Breast hyperplasia grading standard diagram

Level 0 is generally not completed, and it is prompted that there may be a benign change. Level 1 means that there is no abnormal change in the examination, that is, there is no disease. Grade 2 prompts simple breast hyperplasia, breast masses, etc., and level 3 is benign tumor, such as fibroma, cyst and inflammation. Level 4 can be divided into ABC. 4A usually has benign tumors, such as fibroma, but 5%of the vicious conversion rate. 4B means 50%is a benign tumor, but 50%is a malignant tumor. 4C means 95%. Level 5, high viciousness, 98%may be breast cancer. Level 6, with clear cytology and pathological diagnosis, has been clearly diagnosed as breast cancer.


In simple breast hyperplasia, patients can correct endocrine hormones through full daily rest, maintain a pleasant mood, and ensure the health of the body and mind, without special treatment. If there are related symptoms of breast hyperplasia, you can choose to take Dabinazo and other treatment under the guidance of a doctor, but you should pay attention to the patient’s heart, liver and kidney disease. At the same time, you can also take Xiaoyao Pills and other Chinese medicines for treatment under the guidance of a doctor. If the breast hyperplasia is highly suspected of deterioration, surgical treatment is needed, and the biopsy is performed after removing the lesion position.

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