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Breast hyperplasia minimally invasive surgical wound picture


The mammical minimally invasive surgical incision is generally about three millimeters of cake -shaped incisions. The incision is bonded with hemostatic slices without sewing, and there are generally no scars after healing.

Breast hyperplasia minimally invasive surgical wound picture


The indications of mammal minimally invasive surgery include the resection of the real lump with a diameter of less than three centimeters.


The advantages of mammical minimally invasive surgery include short surgery time, small damage range, fast postoperative recovery, etc., and scars are generally not left after surgery.

Postoperative recovery

After patients undergoing minimally invasive surgery, if the physical condition is good, there is no obvious complication during the operation and postoperative operation, and the body recovery time will take about 10 to 20 days.If the patient’s body is weak and obvious complications, the body recovery time needs to be extended appropriately, and it may grow for more than 20 to 30 days.


It is recommended that patients should strengthen diet and nutrition after surgery, exercise appropriately, and maintain a good attitude.

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