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Breast hyperplasia pictures


There is a small pimple in the breast, which may be caused by the cause of breast fibroma and breast hyperplasia. It can be treated in time to clarify the targeted treatment of the cause.


Breast hyperplasia pictures

Breast fibroma is a common benign tumor. Most of them have no obvious symptoms, and their growth is not obvious. Some patients will increase rapidly during pregnancy and breastfeeding.Breast hyperplasia is mainly caused by endocrine disorders. It is significantly swollen before and physiological during the physiological period, and it will be accompanied by pain.


Patients with breast hyperplasia may not be treated. If the nodules are not reduced or significantly increased, a puncture disease is required, and the breast is removed if necessary.Betal tumors in patients with breast fibroma can choose conservative treatment or surgical resection according to the condition. Malignant tumors should seek medical treatment in time, remove tumors and radiotherapy or chemotherapy.


It is recommended that patients maintain a comfortable mood, stable mood, and avoid depression, irritability.

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