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Buying a high -quality and healthy yogurt, it turns out so much!

Guidance expert: Director Xia Yanqiong, the Department of Nutrition of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Guangdong Province

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Yogurt is fermented by milk. It has a unique taste. Many people like it. It is a healthy food that is suitable for all ages. After fermentation, yogurt not only retains the rich nutritional ingredients of milk, but also decomposes lactose into lactic acid. After some milk, it will occur in disrestrics, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. For constipation people, yogurt is a good choice for supplementing milk products.

At present, the yogurt on the market has various names. In addition to the traditional yogurt, there are old yogurt, fresh cheese, yogurt, primary liquid, flavor fermented milk, etc. The taste is also diverse, there are original flavors, and some are added. Various flavors such as fruit juice, fruit grains, miscellaneous grains. So, how can we buy a high -quality and healthy yogurt?

Keep these points in mind:

First, look at the nutritional composition table of the product. The column of the protein needs to be ≥2.3 grams/100g, that is, among the products per 100 grams, the protein content is 2.3 grams or more, preferably ≥2.9 grams/100 grams. The first place in the ingredient table is raw milk or restoration milk, and the milk content is ≥80%. The product category on the packaging is “fermented milk”. In addition, there are also some products, which are very similar to yogurt. They are easily mistaken for yogurt. They taste sweet, but they are not as thick as yogurt, but they are thin and liquid. The protein is ≥1 grams/100g, and the ingredients are ranked first in the ingredients, followed by fructose syrup, whole milk, white sugar, etc., which are high in sugar. , Its nutritional value is far less than yogurt, and occasionally consumes it, but it cannot be used to drink yogurt every day.

Second, pay attention to the content of carbohydrates in the nutritional component table, the lower the proportion, the better. Carbohydrates in yogurt include lactose and add sugar. The content of lactose in general liquid milk is about 5 grams/100 grams. The less sugar is added, the lower the content of carbohydrates in the nutritional component table. my country ’s dietary guide recommends that adults have no more than 50 grams of sugar per day for adults. It is best to control below 25 grams. Add sugar to more, which can increase the risk of overweight, obesity and tooth decay. Therefore, in order to avoid adding too much sugar in yogurt, it is recommended to choose the original yogurt, that is, the content of carbohydrates in the nutritional component table ≤6 grams/100 grams. You can choose to contain a small amount of yogurt with sugar, but note that the content of carbohydrates should be ≤10 grams/100 grams.

Third, a variety of probiotics grow and reproduce in milk, so that milk is fermented into yogurt. After entering the intestine, these probiotics can help maintain the balance of the intestinal micro -ecological environment, promote intestinal peristalsis, and promote digestion. To make probiotics in yogurt better play a better role in the intestine, the number of live bacteria is very critical. It is recommended that the number of probiotics is greater than 100 million/100 grams. In addition, the best storage condition for “live bacterial” yogurt is 2-6 ° C. Therefore, the purchased yogurt needs to be stored at low temperature, and the shelf life should not exceed 1 month.

(Correspondent: Lin Huifang)

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