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Cacket emergency complete in exercise

1. Climbing

Excessive exercise or poor posture during mountaineering causes poor muscle coordination, or cold due to mountaineering or after climbing, or due to the large amount of salt in the body, the muscles suddenly cause non -autonomous contraction.

Emergency treatment: pull the affected area muscle, make the affected area straighten, gently massage the affected area muscle, supplement the water and salt, and rest until the affected area feels comfortable.

Second, riding a bicycle

Quick ride is easy to cause cramps. When you feel signs, you should slow down to get off as soon as possible.

Finger: The cramp’s hand fists first, then stretched out vigorously, and repeated this action until it recovered.

Hand palms: The two palms are combined, and the palm of the unlucky palm is bent backwards with a forceful cramping hand, and then let go, repeat the movement until the recovery.

Arms: The cramps are fist first, then the arms are bent, and then your arms are stretched out.

Toe: Hold the cramp’s toes with your hands, pull it back, repeat the movement until the recovery.

Calf: Hold the toes on the side of the cramp with your hands, pull it backwards, press the other hand down the knee, make your legs straighten, repeat the movements, until the restoration.

Thighs: Bend your thighs and knees to the abdomen, embrace your hands, let go and straighten your legs, and repeat the movement until recovery.

When cramps occur during cycling, in addition to emergency treatment, at least a few days of hot compresses and coating massage after returning home, otherwise the cramps will easily occur again.

Third, swimming

In the exercise, especially when swimming, once the calf cramp occurs, you must not panic, otherwise it will be more severe due to improper cramps and even cause drowning accidents. At this time, you should immediately put away the cramp’s legs, the other legs and two arms are padded to swim ashore to rest. If water will float, it can float on the water, bent and cramp legs, rest a little, wait for the cramps to stop, and immediately go ashore. You can also inhale into the water, grab the toes on the feet of the cramp side with your hands, fold it up hard, and straighten your knee joint at the same time. In the water, repeat the above movements; after several times, the cramps can be relieved, and then swim on ashore to rest quickly; when swimming to the shore, avoid excessive force on the legs of the cramp to avoid cramping again. Calculatory cramps occur in other exercises, rest immediately.

4. How to quickly relieve pain when calf cramps

In daily life, calf cramps often occur. The following two methods can quickly relieve pain:

Method 1: Silence into sitting, straightened cramp legs, holding the front foot with your hands, tolerating the pain of the drama, rotating the ankle joint of the cramping leg to the outside, the pain stands. When rotating, the movement should be coherent, and after a week of breath, you can’t stop in the middle. When rotating, if the left leg is in the direction of the counterclockwise; if it is the right leg, follow the clockwise direction. If someone helps, it should be treated face to face, and the rotation direction of the ankle joints remains unchanged. During the rotation, the soles of the feet should be maximized.

Method 2: Press the calf and gastrocnemius head nerve root. On both sides of the inside of the knee joint, there is a place where the gastrocnemi muscle head is attached. When the calf is cramping, use the thumb to explore the main root of the hard and protruding muscles on both sides, and then press it with a strong force to press it. The excited nerves will calm down, the cramps stop, and the pain disappears.

In addition, you can quickly press the hand in your hand (that is, the middle of the tiger mouth, the first palm of the palm and the second valley, the middle of the palm of the palm) and the middle acupoint of the upper lip (that is, the upper part of the upper lips). After 20-30 seconds, the pain will alleviate the muscle relaxation. Its efficiency can reach 90. If you compress it with a hot towel and massage it with your hand, the effect will be better.

Cache prevention

1. Do not in the space that is not ventilated or closed for a long time and severe exercise;

2. Before long -term exercise, during exercise, and after exercise, supplement enough water and electrolytes;

3. Take enough minerals (such as calcium, magnesium) and electrolytes (such as potassium sodium) in daily diet. Minerals can be taken from milk, yogurt, green leafy vegetables and other foods. The electrolyte can be obtained from a variety of foods such as bananas, oranges, celery, or some low -sugar drinks;

4. Do not wear too tight or too thick clothes to engage in outdoor sports; check whether the protective gear, shoes and socks before exercise are too tight; do sufficient preparation activities before exercise; engage in exercise with a relaxed mood; Massage of muscles properly;

5. Pay attention to keeping warm. If you swim, you should immediately replace the swimsuit and put on warm clothing;

6. When physical discomfort, fatigue, or too low water temperature, it is not advisable to swim in water;

7. Do not do excessive exercise;

8. Those who are easy to cramp at night, do some stretching exercises before going to bed, especially the stretching part of the cramps.

Avoid these “causes”, cramps will be a rootless wood and a source of water. Pay attention to it beforehand, and will be prevented.

Although cramps are not sick in most cases, if there are many times, long duration, and no obvious causes, you should consult your doctor in time to find out whether there is potential chronic diseases as soon as possible to avoid the best time to treat treatment.

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