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Cai Shaofen’s mother -in -law provoked controversy and get along with her mother -in -law. Do not do 5 things.

Cai Shaofen’s mother -in -law is controversial, and the stars also have problems with mother -in -law

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In the latest issue of “My Favorite Woman”, Zhang Jin and his mother went away with Cai Shaofen abroad. Cai Shaofen asked for help. Zhang Jin wanted to go back to Cai Shaofen twice. Cai Shaofen finally got back. The old illness was resting on the sofa to rest. As a result, her mother -in -law kept thinking about why she was separated at the time, and Cai Shaofen closed her eyes helplessly.

Some netizens said: Sure enough, the mother -in -law is not a mother, and Cai Shaofen’s mother -in -law is too real; in the show, she doesn’t know what she looks like in private. However, some netizens said that the elderly are older, because they are worried about the safety of their daughter -in -law, and it is inevitable that there is no need to interpret it maliciously.

Get along with your mother -in -law, do not do 5 things in your daughter -in -law

Since the broadcast of the show, Cai Shaofen and her mother -in -law have also had various fancy news, because the problem of mother -in -law and mother -in -law has always been considered an eternal problem, and the star’s mother -in -law problem can attract the attention of the people who eat melon.

Some people say that the mother -in -law is a natural enemy. In fact, it is not that the two people who do n’t know each other are actually the process of knowing and understanding each other. It is definitely not possible to treat her mother -in -law, and it is not possible to grow up. It is best to say that there are contradictions and resolve contradictions. Sometimes it is not a bad thing to trip a few words, but also running in. In this way, it will get closer and closer.

We often say that treating my mother -in -law like a mother, but it is not a real mother. Daughter -in -law should pay attention to grasping the scale while getting along with my mother -in -law. The following red lines cannot be stepped on.

1. Don’t hurt people badly

When the mother -in -law conflict, there is no need to win everywhere, let alone a word of words. Sometimes, it is necessary to bind to the wind in front of the mother -in -law, otherwise your original personal image will only make her more anxious. This is also not good for the health of the elderly and maintaining the filial piety of the daughter -in -law!

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