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Can acupuncture lose weight once and for all?Be wary of nine misunderstandings

It may already have a certain understanding of acupuncture to lose weight, but the specific matters are not very clear. Although acupuncture to lose weight is good, not anyone is suitable for acupuncture to lose weight. Traditional Chinese medicine pointed out that if you want to lose weight to lose weight better, you must also cooperate with a certain diet and exercise to achieve it.

Misunderstanding 1: Anyone can quickly lose weight

Is acupuncture weight loss effective? In this question, we must first get rid of a misunderstanding, that is, “anyone can lose weight quickly.” In fact, acupuncture has made some people’s weight dropped obvious in the short term, while some people’s weight remains unchanged. why is that?

Doctors believe that the more weighing more than the standard, the more fat content in its body, and the more obvious the effect of acupuncture to lose weight; and some human body weight is not serious, so the effect of weight loss is not so obvious. The correct understanding is that any weight loss method or a recipe of weight loss needs to be gradually adjusted, and different people’s response to acupuncture is different.

Misunderstanding 2. Anyone can do acupuncture to lose weight

There are still some requirements for people who do acupuncture to lose weight. For example: during the disease period; those who have hemorrhagic diseases such as hemophilia, obstacles of coagulation mechanism, and anemia; obligations have not been donated for a month; patients with poor heart function and patients with writing can not do acupuncture to lose weight. In addition, people are less than 20 years old and physiological obese people do not advocate acupuncture. It can be seen that acupuncture weight loss is not suitable for all people.

Misunderstanding 3: The more the needle is tied, the better the weight loss effect, the better

According to professional doctors, many beauty salons and weight loss centers lose weight, and they will get thirty or forty stitches at a time. Customers also think that the more the needle is tied, the better the weight loss effect. Although acupuncture weight loss is effective for the simple obesity caused by metabolic disorders, if acupuncture is too frequent and too ruthless, acupoint fatigue will occur, clinically called enhancement of tolerance.

Experienced acupuncture artists will consider changing acupoints when they do a longer treatment for people, instead of stringing to the same group of acupoints and consciously to avoid the human body from “acupoint fatigue”, because once tolerance is generated, The touch of the acupuncture points will be abnormal, even if the intensity of stimulation is increased, the effect is not as good as before.

Secondly, we all know that Chinese medicine pays attention to dialectical treatment, and acupuncture to lose weight is no exception. Experts said that for everyone who receives weight loss treatment in the Department of Acupuncture, after confirming the indications with acupuncture to lose weight, the physique of the weight loss person must be determined. Acupuncture to lose weight has a basic set of acupuncture, but for people of different constitutions, it also needs to cooperate with dialectical types to match acupoints, such as spleen deficiency and humid obese obese people, and acupoints such as Yinlingquan and Gongsun should be matched outside the main acupoint. It can be seen that acupuncture to lose weight also requires professional knowledge. It has chapters and methods, focusing on choosing acupoints, and only a dozen acupoints that are really functioning for weight loss. It will bring bad consequences. Only by selecting acupoints can you achieve good results.

Misunderstanding 4: Very fast results

Different people use acupuncture to lose weight. Some people have been effective, and some people are very slow. This is because acupuncture weight loss is not weight loss, but fat reduction. The more weighing the standard, the general fat content is particularly more, the more obvious the effect of acupuncture to lose weight.

The effect of weight loss is also related to whether to lose weight throughout the body. Some local weight loss such as abdominal weight loss, the effect is obvious but the weight loss is not obvious. In addition, the effect of weight loss is also related to the characteristics of fat. The loss of hard fat is obvious, and the hard fat is not effective. Any method of weight loss must be gradually adjusted, and everyone’s response to acupuncture is different, which requires continuous treatment. It is unrealistic if you expect a few stitches to be tied up.

Misunderstanding 5: Easy to infect

Many people mistakenly think that acupuncture can cause infection, so they dare not try to lose weight to lose weight. In fact, the acupuncture adopted by acupuncture is very small. For the skin, the general acupuncture is very small trauma. The repairs of normal people are generally fast. If it is not because of other damaged infections, unless it is affixed with a needle (one of the ear needles), you must pay attention to avoiding water. Other bodys have little effect on daily life, and bathing and swimming are not a problem.

Misunderstanding 6: Do not wash your hair when you stick the ear needle

The doctor answered: When you stick the ear needles, you should not wash your hair, but pay attention not to wet your ears as much as possible. The reason why the average ear needle cannot be wet is afraid of the tape to lose sticky. If it is embedded, you need to avoid water, so you can try to put on the earliform and wash your hair.

Misunderstanding 7: No need to cooperate with diet conditioning+physical exercise

Acupuncture and diet is better. The principle of controlling the diet is: not hungry or eating, eat vegetables, eat green vegetables, lean meat, eggs, you can eat it. , Powder bars, etc.

Experts remind that although acupuncture to lose weight has such a dual mechanism of inhibiting overcurrenating appetite and promoting energy metabolism, it does not mean that patients with fatty fat can “lose weight to lose weight with a few stitches on the bed and close their eyes.” Among the healthy weight loss prescriptions listed in the obese patients who receive treatment, in the treatment process, while ensuring nutrients in the body, they should eat a light diet, control the amount of food, eat less starchy foods, control sugar intake, eat vegetables frequently , Soy products, animal lean meat, milk, fasting fried food, shell fruit, desserts and various cold drinks, etc. At the same time, physical exercise needs to be strengthened. Experts said: “Diet control plus physical exercise during acupuncture weight loss. However, related acupuncture methods can also inhibit the strong appetite and promote energy metabolism, so it will be more effective and compared with the weight loss method of simply ‘control of diet+physical exercise’ ‘ The effect will be faster. “

Misunderstanding eight: postpartum, postpartum, menstruation after menstruation is not suitable for acupuncture

Experts said that recently, many new mothers are eager to lose weight just after confinement. However, she reminded the new mothers who intend to lose weight through acupuncture to lose weight after quitting milk for their children, “because acupuncture to lose weight requires diet conditioning, such as temporarily replacing pork, beef and mutton with fish and chicken, but for breastfeeding, it is still in breastfeeding period For women, doing so may affect the nutritional ingredients of milk, so you should wait for the child to abstain from milk before starting the course of treatment. “

In addition, women who have not returned to normal menstruation during menstruation or postpartum and abortion are also not suitable for acupuncture to lose weight for the time being. Experts explained that this is because acupuncture weight loss needs to use the “qi to return to the Yuan” square in the abdominal needle. The large abdomen centered not only has a known cycle system related to the operation of the whole body, but also has a high -level regulatory system for systemic regulation. Patient’s body ability, but women who have not returned to normal menstruation during menstruation or postpartum, postpartum, and post -abortion may increase because of this period, so treatment should avoid this time. “

Misunderstanding Nine: Acupuncture to lose weight once and for all

Many people think that acupuncture to lose weight can be achieved once and for all, and it can achieve the effect at once. In fact, acupuncture to lose weight is the adjustment of the body. It is necessary to establish a new state in repeated treatment and continuous strengthening.

Doctors suggest that dense and intensity treatment of more than 3 months (especially obese takes half a year to one year). When the treatment stops, the weight can basically maintain a normal level of 1 to 3 years.


1. Acupuncture weight loss should be carried out according to personal constitution, and go to a regular hospital for the doctor to formulate a professional acupuncture weight loss plan for you, so that you can achieve your purpose, not to damage your body because of blind weight loss.

2. Pay attention to your own diet during acupuncture to avoid high -calorie and high fat and some greasy foods. You should choose light and nutritious foods. You can refer to professional acupuncture weight loss recipes.

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