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Can bladder cancer and ureteral cancer do together?

Bladder cancer and ureteral cancer can be treated together.

Most patients with bladder cancer can be cured by surgery, and the recurrence rate of bladder cancer is high.Therefore, after urethral bladder tumor electromotomy, patients need to follow up regularly and give the bladder chemotherapy.Ureutal carcinoma is a urogenital tract tumor. For malignant tumors in the ureter, small tumors found in the early days can be treated by endoscopy, local resection, simultaneous removal of the opposite kidney, inner bladder mucosa, and ureter wall, which can play a treatment roleEssenceSpecifically, you need to go to the hospital, follow the doctor’s treatment, and determine the treatment method through comprehensive examination.

Bladder cancer needs to stay away from various risk factors related to bladder cancer. What is avoiding smoking is to avoid various forms of smoking including electronic smoke.Smoking is one of the obvious factors that cause bladder cancer, but it is also a risk factor that can be avoided by changing personal habits.For those who have career contact, protective measures should be taken during the operation to minimize the chemicals that may lead to bladder cancer.Due to personal preferences, people who often contact pigments, hair dyes and related substances also need to be protected to reduce contact.The rinse of urine with a large amount of water can reduce the retention time of harmful substances in the bladder, thereby reducing the risk of cancer.Family and nursing staff of ureteral carcinoma should create a more comfortable environment for patients, the indoor temperature is appropriate and the light is soft.The room should also be disinfected regularly, the bedding should be clean, the sheets should be flat, and the bed can be equipped with guardrails to prevent patients from falling from the bed.Family members and nursing staff should also patiently listen to the patient’s questions, try to meet the patient’s requirements and relax the patient.Patients should feel comfortable. What position the postoperative patient should take, and it should be determined according to the patient’s postoperative physical condition.The position should make the patient feel comfortable without affecting treatment.

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