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Can breast cancer check breast cancer?Experts think it is not reliable

Screening breast cancer, the most popular examination method internationally recognized is the B -ultrasound and breast molybdenum target examination. A new technology called nipple suction detection has emerged abroad. It is said that it is sought after because of simple inspection and small pain.

This year, many provinces and cities in China have reprinted the same news: the latest warning of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says that a new technology called nipple suction detection cannot replace breast X -ray inspection. There is no evidence to indicate that there is no evidence to indicate It can be effective for early screening of breast cancer.

The nipple absorbing examination is only meaningful to the overflow, and can only be used as auxiliary


The so -called nipple pumping test refers to collecting liquid in the nipple with a pump and screening abnormal or potential carcinogenic cells from it. Some companies abroad are promoting nipple pumping testing, and claiming that it is the latest and most great early breast cancer screening tool, which is simpler, comfortable and less painful than breast X -ray examination.

In my country, no regular hospitals and regular medical examination institutions have carried out nipple pumping testing projects. As medical tourism has become hot in recent years, it is not ruled out that someone will go abroad to do this inspection.

According to the US Pharmacy Administration, there is no scientific data so far that the use of nipple pumping detection alone can effectively screen breast cancer or any other diseases. People are just studying whether it can combine with other methods to screen breast cancer.

In response, Zhang Yongcheng, director of breast surgery at the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Pharmacy, said that theoretically, the cancer cells were screened by extracting emulsion in the nipple, which was useful for nipples (medical schemes). However, it can only be used as a auxiliary screening or comprehensive way to screen breast cancer and cannot be widely promoted. “Because normal healthy women’s breasts have no liquid, there is emulsion unless it is breastfeeding. Non -breast lactating women’s nipples have a discharge, and the breasts have been prompted to be abnormal and need to be checked.” He pointed out.

Screening breast cancer is still the most effective B -ultrasound and molybdenum target

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At present, the popularization method of screening breast cancer is still breast B -ultrasound and breast molybdenum target examination (a low -dose breast X -ray), and it is also the most effective and reliable method of screening breast cancer. Even if the nipple is really performed, do not abandon B -ultrasound and X -ray examination.

Young women under the age of 35 screened the B -ultrasound of breast cancer. Unless there is a clear test of suspicion of suspicion of breast tumors, the molybdenum target examination is performed. And women above middle age can do two inspections at the same time. Breast molybdenum targets play a complementary role with B -ultrasound. The B -ultrasound is the image of the mammal gland, including whether the mass is substantial or cystic, which is more accurate than the molybdenum target. The moisturizing test has advantages in the change of mammary structure for mammothing, and it can also clearly show that the entire breasts include outline and overall structure for changes in mammatic changes. (Correspondent: Pan Yingyuan)

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