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Can cancer patients donate organs?Why is the donation organs free?Tell you the truth

“This time the donor seems to be a 25 -year -old girl, thank her very much.”



Xiaoyu accidentally got the lime’s eyes at the age of six, causing the right eye blindness and needed corneal transplantation to recover.After waiting for four years, she finally ushered in the donor. Xiaoyu’s mother was grateful to the donor and inquired about a 25 -year -old girl donated.

In fact, this girl is Wu Si, a medical student who graduated from Xiangya. She left the world because of cancer at the age of 25.

1. “Give you the Jiangshan, I have enough fun, and bless you.” The 25 -year -old doctor died of cancer with cancer

Can cancer patients donate organs?Why is the donation organs free?Tell you the truth

1. At the age of 25, I encountered cancer with a incidence of only 100,000 minutes.

In 2016, Wu Si stayed in Changsha after graduating from undergraduate.After 2 years of work, an unknown fever is accompanied by abnormal abdominal pain.The inspection was diagnosed with uterine unlimized tumors and has developed to the late stage.

This is a very vicious tumor, with a incidence of only 3/100,000 ~ 7/100,000, and the prognosis is very poor.The risk factors of uterine cancer are over 50 years old, obese, and estrogen … These seem to be as much as her, but cancer is so unreasonable.

2. I want to play bad cards

After the diagnosis, Wu Si performed surgery at the hospital to remove all the uterus and ovaries. Her body was weak after surgery.However, she still needs to perform multiple chemotherapy, and chemotherapy has caused her hair to fall off a lot.Rao is so, she still faces life optimistically. She said, “Even if she gets such a bad card, she must be determined to play.”

3. Knowing that you are weak to return to heaven and donate the remains

Can cancer patients donate organs?Why is the donation organs free?Tell you the truth

The good times did not last long. It didn’t take long for Wu Si to have multiple metastasis such as bipartom, belly, buttocks, etc., knowing that she was weak to heaven, and hoped that she would donate her body after death and for her beloved.A little contribution of medical care.In order to maintain the integrity of the body, it is specifically required not to be interjected or rescued.

“Be sure to let the schoolmate study and study with my body. My lungs must not be used. I hope the other parts of the body have not been eaten by cancer cells …”

On July 5, 2019, Wu Si left this beautiful world. The last circle of friends before dying wrote “Jiangshan gave you, I played enough ,e.” … In the end, her cornea made a 10 -year -old 10 years old.The girl and the 17 -year -old handsome guy saw the light, while the remains stayed in alma mater for medical research.

Seeing this, many people have doubts, why can patients suffering from cancer can also donate their body?Is there no cancer cells in their organs?

2. Can cancer patients donate organs and remains?

The body donation and organ donation are actually two different behaviors. The former means that the donor donated the body to the medical sciences for scientific research and teaching.Patients who are dead and waiting for transplantation can continue the patient’s life.

Can cancer patients donate organs?Why is the donation organs free?Tell you the truth

Zhang Ting, the head of the Department of Radioxuality of Hubei Oncology Hospital, pointed out that in addition to intracranial tumors, cancer patients cannot donate organs normally because there is a risk of cancer cell metastasis, but corneal can be donated.Because corneal tissue does not have blood vessels and lymphatic, it is a relatively immune pardon. The probability of rejection after transplantation is low, and the success rate of transplantation is more than 90%.

In addition to organ donations and body donations, there are still blood donation in life. Next, Xiao Ai will take you to understand these three unpaid donations.

3. Donation for free, transmit great love

1. Organ donation

Can cancer patients donate organs?Why is the donation organs free?Tell you the truth

About 1.5 million patients in my country need organ transplantation each year, but only about 10,000 organ transplant surgery each year. Most of these patients rely on drugs and machines to maintain their lives. The number of transplants is large.

Zheng Shusen, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that after a person dies, he can donate two kidneys, hearts, lungs, pancreas, and even cornea. It can save 6 to 7 people at a time. Cover donation is very significant.

2. Heritage donation

The current number of donations in my country is far from the requirements of medical schools. Generally speaking, 4 to 7 students are needed to dissect a body, but they do not meet the standards, which will seriously affect the quality of medical students.

Heritage donations are of great significance for medical research and medical students. Medical students can find better treatment methods by studying the history of the deceased’s life and pathological changes, so that they can save more patients with the same disease in the future.

3. Blood donation for free

The blood volume of adults accounts for 7 to 8%of weight, and about 4L blood with 55kg of 55kg.When the amount of blood loss reaches 10%, the body can still be compensated, which will not affect health; when the amount of blood loss reaches 20%, it will cause tissue cells to occur with ischemia and hypoxia, and severe damage will causeDanger appears.

In other words, the proper blood donation actually has a small impact on physical health, and each time you donate blood 200ml, you can save up to 3 people’s lives!

Why are these all free?

Donation needs to follow the principles of voluntary and free, so that it can prevent possible buying or selling human organs.Once the donation becomes paid, the probability of violations of crimes will increase, and this noble career will deteriorate.

Organic donation is a “career” with great love. It calls on everyone to join this career, but if you don’t want to, it is understandable. It mainly depends on personal wishes.For those who donate organs, remains, and blood, Xiao Ai pays tribute to you.Reference materials:

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Can cancer patients donate organs?Why is the donation organs free?Tell you the truth

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