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Can children’s asthma bronchitis be cured?

Children’s asthma bronchitis can be cured by positive and formal treatment.

Severe children will have anxiety. In addition to cough and asthma, they can also use sedatives.Infants and young children’s asthma bronchitis and bronchial asthma are difficult to distinguish, some cases are related to allergies.The treatment method of this disease can be used as an antihistamine or bronchial dilatation drugs like bronchitis.Give your child in appropriate amount of water to supplement your body moisture and moisturize the respiratory system.When the baby is obviously asthma, it can be treated with Lingshusalamine glycol, or can also take Katlawu oral liquid and Mengru Ste for anti -inflammatory treatment.

It is recommended that patients let the baby pay attention to rest, strengthen nutrition, eat a small amount, and eat lightly and digestion, and try not to eat cold, spicy and greasy foods.And be sure to keep warm to avoid colds.

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