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Can children’s constipation still affect social capabilities?Come and unlock the magician

Constipation at all ages of children, many parents have such troubles:

“The child hasn’t defecated for a few days,

The stomach is swollen and not eaten well.

When defecating, the expression is very hard,

But it was not willing to come out,

Sometimes it will be too dry and there will be blood,

It’s anxious. “

However, a simple constipation can it affect children’s mental health?

In fact, the child’s constipation is not easy, then look down!

How to judge whether the child is constipation?

Constipation is one of the common symptoms of childhood, and more than 95%of them are functional constipation, which is a functional gastrointestinal disease.

If the following situations occur, the child may have constipation!

(1) The number of defecations is twice or less a week.

(2) Symptoms of defecation pain or draining hard feces, feces are sometimes like pebbles.

(3) Sometimes the large feces are discharged, which can even cause the toilet to block, indicating that the feces stay in the rectum for too long.

(4) Recently, children have become very strenuous. For a long time, it is difficult to discharge stools.

What are the causes of children’s constipation?

合 The diet structure is unreasonable:

Children have natural preference for sweets, fried foods, refined noodles and meat. They don’t like to eat vegetables and coarse grains. Long, the water was absorbed, and finally caused the dry stool to dry easily, causing constipation.

Studies [1] believe that the reduction of vegetables and fruits is easy to cause constipation of children aged 2-7. In a study in Japan, it was also found that the intake of high dietary fiber foods (such as potatoes, beans, vegetables and fruits) is related to the reduction in the prevalence of constipation of children 5-6 years old. Entry is related to higher constipation. [2].

不 Insufficient water intake:

Children always have no interest in the tasteless white boiled water. Once the parents are relaxed, the child may drink insufficient water. Infants and young children who feed milk powder may also cause constipation if the milk powder is bubble too strong.

Studies have shown that increasing the intake of water can change the consistency of the stool, and the increase in water content in the feces helps to smoothly discharge stools.

厕 No correct toilet training:

There are studies [3] show that 204 children 2-7 years old who are consulting for constipation have only about 1/4 of their families who consciously conduct toilet training, but there is a situation where the training time is too long (greater than 15min). This does not improve constipation.

The toilet training is a very important part of children’s constipation non-drug treatment. At present, it is recommended to conduct toilet training for non-drug treatment of children with functional constipation. Fixed 2-3 time periods per day. After meals, it should be given enough leg support.

▎ mental factors:

Psychological factors also have an important impact on children’s constipation. After the children are often blamed after defecation, psychological development is frustrated, and long -term torture of anxiety and depression will eventually lead to constipation over time.

A [4] Logistic regression analysis of children’s functional constipation related risk factors shows that “the child is blamed for children” with the highest value among multiple influencing factors. Another study of 120 patients with solitary spectrum system showed that 42.5%of patients meet the standards of children’s functional constipation, which shows that there is an indifferent relationship between anxiety, autonomous neurological dysfunction and gastrointestinal dysfunction [5] Essence

Will children’s constipation affect social ability?

Maybe most of our parents think that constipation of children is very common. At most, it is considered a digestive problem, and may not be considered a disease.

However, Oosenbrink et al. [6] reported that school -age children with functional gastrointestinal diseases, their quality of life decreased significantly, and had an impact on physical function, temperament, emotion, health concept, emotional communication between parents and children, etc. Essence The characteristics, emotions, and concepts of childhood can affect the development and development of psychological behavior, and then restrict the development of their social psychological adaptability.

Therefore, long -term constipation may have a negative impact on children’s mental health and social capabilities, and we should give more help and guidance.

When children with constipation, they should adjust their diet, increase drinking water, and conduct correct toilet training. At the same time, they should pay attention to soothe the children’s anxiety. Before establishing a regular bowel habits, drugs may be used for treatment at the same time.

What drugs can I use to alleviate children’s functional constipation?

(Plipidal laxative (representing drugs-wheat cellulose particles)

Mechanism: Do not be digested and absorbed, excreted with the feces. Increase the volume of feces and increase the moisture content of the feces, which helps the stool discharge.

Pay attention to:

1. Avoid taking it for children with wheat allergies.

2. You can add the medicine to about 200ml juice and milk to improve the taste and make it easier for children to accept.

3. It is recommended to take medicine in the morning to drink more water after taking the medicine.

4. At least one week in a row, you can subsequently reduce or follow the doctor’s advice as appropriate.

剂 泻 osmotic laxative (representing drugs-lactose sugar)

Mechanism: Cructer is converted into organic acids in colon, which decreases the pH value of the intestinal tract, which is conducive to the reproduction and growth of probiotics. It retains moisture, increases the volume of feces, stimulate colon peristalsis, and helps to restore the physiological rhythm of colon. Pay attention to:

1. It is recommended to take the dose for one day on breakfast.

2. If the effect is not effective after 1-2 days, you can add a little dose within the allowable range!

3. In the first few days of the medication, there may be discomfort such as abdominal distension. Continue treatment will improve, so don’t worry too much.

4. It is hardly absorbed after orally, and the safety is very good.

表 Lubricant (representing drugs-Kaiseru)

Mechanism: The main ingredient of Kaiseru is glycerin. It is not absorbed after injecting the rectum. It can lubricate, stimulate the intestinal wall, soften stools, and discharge it.

Pay attention to:

1. When medication, a small amount of medicinal liquid should be squeezed out of the tube and the baby’s anus to avoid damage to the anus or rectum.

2. Keep your side lying on the side or bent, and slowly insert the mouth into the anus for 3-4 cm, and squeeze the medicinal liquid until the rectum.

3. After the medication, let the children stay in the position for a period of time, make the medicine fully in contact with the feces and intestinal walls, and better play a better role.

4. Kaiseru has a stimulating effect on colon mucosa and cannot be used for a long time!

(Micro -ecological regulator (such as various probiotics)

Mechanism: Probiotics can enhance the frequency of the intestine, shorten the transportation time of the feces at the intestine, and improve children’s constipation to a certain extent.

Pay attention to:

1. Do not take over 40 ℃ hot water when taking it.

2. Some probiotic preparations need to be kept refrigerated.

3. Do not take antibacterial drugs at least 2 hours.

You need to seek medical treatment in time when these situations occur

▲ A younger infant occurred in time to exclude intestinal malformations such as intestinal malformations.

▲ Children have constipation, and they should seek medical treatment immediately with abdominal distension, vomiting and insufficient intestinal exhaust, and be alert to intestinal obstruction.

▲ Children’s constipation symptoms are not easy to relieve after taking the medicine, and they must also take a doctor in time.


Children’s constipation has become a common gastrointestinal disease in children, which is usually caused by a variety of factors. The impact of constipation on children is not only manifested on the impact of physical health, but also has a certain impact on children’s mental health and social behavior.

For a long time, suffering from difficulty in defecation and pain, children will be emotional, and social adaptability will be relatively poor. In addition to paying attention to the adjustment of diet and living habits in daily life, parents should also have enough patience to encourage and guide children, prompt children to develop regular living habits and establish self -confidence.

It is hoped that our cute children can gradually get rid of the trouble brought by constipation with the help of doctors and parents, and grow up healthily.


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