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Can cough dye hair?

Cough should not be dyed. Cough caused by disease is low because the body’s immunity is relatively low, and the resistance of the scalp will also be affected. The low body immunity is susceptible to the invasion of the virus or bacteria.Moreover, hair dye used in hair dye usually includes inorganic hair dye and synthetic hair dye, which has certain harm to the human body, such as indirect dermatitis, sensitive dermatitis, and carcinogenic.

1. Contact skinitis

Hair dyeing can cause contact dermatitis to allergies to hair dye, and clinically diagnose hair dye dermatitis.With the further development of hair dermatitis, skin damage can show erythema, edema, erosion, exudate, and even blisters in the scalp.

Sensitive dermatitis

The further development of contact dermatitis can affect the whole body, leading to its own sensitive dermatitis, which leads to erythema, blisters, erosion, and exudate in the skin of the whole body. Patients feel itchy, and secondary infections in erosion can also cause infectious inflammation.

3. Carcinogenic

Some patients have long -term hair dye dyeing heads. The phenylene amine in the hair dye is carcinogen. Long -term use of hair dye dyeing hair can also cause chronic damage to the head skin. It has the possibility of carcinogenesis for long -term external use.

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