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Can CT detect ovarian cancer?

CT can usually detect ovarian cancer.In ovarian cancer, the most common type is ovarian epithelial cancer, accounting for 60%-90%of ovarian malignant tumors.In the early days, the clinical manifestations were more hidden, and the early metastases were prone to occur. Most patients were already late.In CT images, you can see a larger soft tissue mass on the unilateral or bilateral side of the pelvic area. The density is uneven, the sac is changed, and the necrosis occurs.When enhanced scanning, you can see that the mass is not uniformly enhanced, the cysts become necrotic areas, and there are no enhancement in the necrotic zone.

General treatment principles are mainly surgical and chemotherapy supplemented. Some patients can also use targeted drugs. Surgery is the main treatment method of ovarian cancer.Comprehensive staging surgery is suitable for early ovarian cancer patients.The purpose is to remove the tumor, clarify the final stage, evaluate the prognosis, and formulate a treatment plan on this basis.For young patients who want to retain reproductive function, if you meet adaptation, you can consider comprehensive staging surgery to retain reproductive function.Tumor cells are reduced, suitable for patients with advanced ovarian cancer and some patients who have been evaluated before or during surgery.The purpose of surgery is to remove all lesions as much as possible, reduce tumor load, improve chemotherapy efficacy, and improve prognosis.

Ovarian cancer is easy to relapse. It should be observed for a long time and find that abnormalities should seek medical treatment in time.Patients who have completely relieved after treatment should review every 3 months in the first two years after treatment, review every 4 months to 6 months within the third to 5 years, and review it every year after the fifth year.Review items include gynecological examination, tumor logo inspection, ultrasound examination, etc., and select imaging examinations such as CT, MR, and chest X -ray according to the situation.Healthy diet, quit smoking and alcohol, increase physical activity, ensure sufficient rest, and develop good living habits.Patients may experience a series of psychological symptoms after surgery, such as depression and anxiety.You should learn moderately decompression to ensure good mental health.

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